Another Abou Rakhoussa market took place in Downtown Beirut yesterday, and while I still believe that it’s a diversion from the real problem at hand which is the garbage crisis of course, opening a permanent flea market in Beirut’s central district may actually be a good idea. Open food markets are always packed in Beirut Souks, the upper part of Solidere is practically empty now and it’s very easy to set up a market there so why not give it a try?

I say let’s have a flea market and let Chammas, Solidere and the Abou Rakhoussa people organize it together. People may actually look at it as a positive sign and go down in large numbers. After isn’t that what we all want? bringing Beirut back to life?

On another note, I never thought Beirut’s Central District was for the rich and I don’t think expensive restaurants and boutiques are the reason why Lebanese are staying away from the heart of the city. I remember the pre-2005 years when all the Lebanese used to go down to Beirut to eat, drink, smoke arguile, party or simply walk. You could spend as little as $10 and enjoy the night. I don’t want to dig further into this topic because it’s a very long and complicated one but Beirut has always been for all the Lebanese and no one can ever change that no matter how much they try.