Here’s Sandwich w Noss’ attempt at explaining the difference between the proposed electoral laws in Lebanon.

“الاكثري والنسبي بعيون سندويش ونص
تخيٌل انّك اشتريت سندويش طاووق انت وصاحبك، انت اكلت كدشي وهو طرق كل باقي السندويش. اذا دفعتو نص نص بتكون مع الاكثري واذا دفعت بس حق الكدشي، بتكون مع النسبي، واذا ما بدك تتقاصم السندويش مع صاحبك بتكون مع الارتودوكسي.”

So basically:
If you’re paying for the whole sandwich and barely eating a small piece of it, you’re fine with the current 1960 law.
If you’re paying for what you’re eating, you are in favor of a proportional law.
If you don’t want to share the sandwich with anyone, you’re with the Orthodox law.

The idea is there but I wish it were as simple as sharing a Taouk Sandwich. For example the proportional law varies a lot if Lebanon were divided to several electoral areas or just one like some are proposing. In case it’s just one, we’re all eating shit LOL!

They should come up with another version of that Taouk sandwich to reflect the ongoing discussions now in regards to the electoral laws:

– With Garlic or no Garlic
– Garlic or Extra Garlic
– Pickles or not pickles
– Brown bread or not
– Pepsi or Diet Pepsi
– Rgheef or Ab3a

And the list goes on 😀