Anyone who washes his/her car in Lebanon must have noticed how people like to do “sob7iyyet” while waiting for the car wash and seem to enjoy their time. Added to that, the washing business brings a remarkable income to the gas stations here.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t enjoy it one single bit but I was thinking on how profitable it would be if someone were to come up with a car wash and recruit sexy women or men only during the weekends. I am not talking about women in Bikinis here (Not that there’s something wrong with it) but just top models instead of the regular gas station workers you usually get. I am not quite sure car wash with only men will work because women rarely go to wash their cars here and Lebanese will probably label them as gay, but a car wash with female top models will definitly bring loads of customers.

You’d price the wash at 20$ the least and set up a nice lounge room or coffee shop and I am almost confident people will wait in lines for hours, plus you’d be employing more Lebanese that way.

This trend is quite popular in the USA so why not here? And there’s nothing demeaning to women or men top models about such work.

PS: A fashion house could promote such business by launching its new swim suit wear đŸ˜›