Bizzare accident in Saida

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I read this piece of news 3-4 days back and I could not help ask myself why the son was unable to save his father and why the father was unable to get out of the burning truck.

To sum it up, a 50 year old Lebanese man called Hassan Ali Khalife was driving to work with his son in a village near Saida when his truck caught fire. While his son was able to get himself out of the truck, the father could not go out and was left there to burn and die . [Link]

Doesn’t that sound weird? I mean the son could have asked for help and tried to save the father or the father could have gone out of the window or the passenger door.

10 thoughts on “Bizzare accident in Saida

  1. Mark

    Detective Najib?

    There are a hundred reasons why things happened the way they did you can’t read a 4 line paragraph summarizing the incident and start making accusations or coming up with conspiracy theories.

    1. Najib

      Who s accusing who? It s just a tragic accident that is hard to explain from what is mentioned. U d expect some follow up on why this man was left to burn alone in the car. He could be handicapped for all I know.

      1. Mark

        You said:

        “I mean the son could have asked for help and tried to save the father”

        That’s basically accusing the son of not trying to save the father.

        Since you weren’t there nor does the link you posted share details then you shouldn’t be accusing the son who just lost his father of not trying to help.

        It’s a tragic accident and there are a million reasons why the father couldn’t escape. I would just leave it at that.

        1. Najib Post author

          I am not accusing. I am asking myself why he didn’t help. There could be a million reasons but it’s just a weird indent that requires a bit more investigation than just a few lines.

          U would leave it at that. I am curious to know what happened 🙂

  2. anony

    Najib sometimes I wonder if it’s the same person using this username to post. The blog posts are either very interesting or so very lame. mafi 7al wasat lol I still love your blog and check it daily. Also I can always predict a Mark attack on lame posts 😛

    1. Najib Post author

      Well i don’t expect all posts to be to ur liking 🙂
      I am very receptive to attacks and critics so give it ur best shot, I ll answer with a smile 🙂

        1. Najib Post author

          Well Abou Tony does not pretend we can have it our way lool
          U reminded me though of a snack in Mkalles that had an awesome cheese hotdog sandwich. Can’t remember its name though.

          1. Scirocc0

            HAHAHA liked the comments more than the post
            but to help najib with the investigations, i think the driver might be putting the seat belt and because the engine of these kind of vehicles is under their seats … there is a chance that the lock of the belt caught fire and no one could open it to save the guy
            just a thought 🙂
            PS: Chez Anthonny the best snack in town i think

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