Ex-PM Salim el Hoss (88-year old) Starts Hunger Strike

I had to read the story twice to make sure they're talking about Lebanon's former prime minister Salim Hoss because a hunger strike at 88 is not really that easy to pull. In fact, he's apparently taking meds so it looks like a symbolic one-day strike to shed the light on the 800+ Palestinian prisoners currently staging a hunger strike. For those who did not hear the news, around 1000 Palestinian inmates are on an…

KMC Offering Blood Withdrawal Services at Home

Keserwan Medical Center, an AUBMC affiliate that is open in Kfarhbab, is offering a blood withdrawal service at home starting May 4. The service is available from Monday till Saturday from 6:30 AM till 10:30 AM and will cost you between 20,000 and 30,000 in transportation fees. This is a very useful service for elderly people who need someone to drive them to the hospital and it will save those who don't live nearby a…

#LebanonIsCalling from Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

11 months ago
I just landed in Monza yesterday to attend a very special event as Alex Demirdjian, CEO of Demco Properties, is taking part in the Blancpain GT series Cup in a Ferrari 488 GT3 under Team ...

Watch “Hona Beirut” on April 18 and 21

11 months ago
HONA Beirut debuted on April 13th, the anniversary of the start of the Lebanese Civil War. The play is a dark comedy directed by Yehya Jaber and produced by MARCH Lebanon, where 18 young men ...

Global Fire Power 2016 Report: Lebanon Ranked 68th out of 126, KSA Third Worldwide

11 months ago
Globalfirepower published a list featuring countries ranked by their military budgets for the year 2015. The info is not 100% accurate but it pretty much gives you an estimate of where Arab countries stand in ...

Quick Recap from Ogero Head’s Q&A Facebook Session

11 months ago
Here are the key points discussed during Ogero Head Imad Kreidieh‘s Live Facebook session today: Overall: ————— 1- There’s no magic wand to improve the internet speeds, unlike what Minister Sehnaoui (He didn’t name him) ...

3G/4G/DSL Connectivity Issues Today

11 months ago
I was hoping to witness some increase in internet speeds today but instead I was unable to connect to my mobile data (3G/4G) for at least two hours and a couple of friends told me ...

(Updated): What’s Happening in this Video?

11 months ago
Update: The video turned out to be a teaser for an awareness campaign by Sigma Gaz Here’s the revealer: I just saw Gino sharing this video about policemen and some guy from the bomb squad ...

New Format For the Lebanese Civil Registry Extract

11 months ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities is preparing to launch a new format for the Civil Registry Extract in an attempt to reduce counterfeit extracts. I’ve seen the new paper on a couple of ...

#LiveLebanon Wants to Turn your Ideas to Projects

11 months ago
There are plenty of problems in Lebanon that can be solved through small projects and initiatives. These projects may not offer long-term solutions but they can be a good alternative and compensate for the authorities’ ...