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Lebanese Individuals, Companies and Organizations Participating In The 2014 Green Mind Awards

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Ixsir Winery

The Green Mind Award is an annual program that awards the Top Green Achievements done by Individuals, Companies and Organizations in the MENA Region. Here’s a list of participants from Lebanon that you can vote for under their respective category:

The Green NGO Award
- The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), The Green Production Help Desk (GHD)
- Beirut Green Project, Beirut Green Guide

The Green Education Award
- Christelle Ziadé, L’Art-Terre du Savoir-Vert
- Michel Maalouly Student Group, Sustainable Housing Unit
- Lama Al Haj Hassan, Breathe Green (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green Media Award
- Eurisko Technology Solutions, Green Lebanon
- Oleg Farah, Standby

The Green Industry Award
- Wines of Lebanon, IXSIR (Project and Winery)

The Green Individual Award
- Ramy El Khazen, The Junkyard
- Pascal Ibrahim, Green Micro-Landscape (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green Hospitality Award
- Bioland, Bioland Green Meeting Point

The Green Community Award
- Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, NEEREA
- Municipality of Jbail, Jbail – a Zero Waste City

The Green Innovation Award
- Green Studios, Hydroponic Green Walls and Roof Gardens Adapted to Hot Weathers (Not sure if that’s a Lebanese project)

The Green CSR Award
- AUB, Hazardous Waste Management Program

I couldn’t find any participants under The Green Woman Of The Earth Award and there’s no information available on any of the projects submitted which is weird.

24 Public Gardens To Go In Beirut


According to the Beirut Green Project, there are 24 public gardens to go to in Beirut. This may seem like a lot specially when most of us have heard of 3 or 4 gardens only, but Beirut has 0.8 meters of green space per person which is way below the 9 meters per person minimum requirement, according to the World Heath Organization.

Here’s a list of some of the public gardens in Beirut as shown on the Beirut Green Guide map:

- Ghobayreh Park
- Ramlet el Baida Garden
- Mufti Hassan Khaled Garden
- René Moawad Garden, also known as Sanayeh Garden
- Leila Osseiran Garden
- Capuchins Garden
- National Evangelical Church of Beirut Garden
- Abdul Rahman el Hout Garden
- Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden
- Bashoura Square
- Hawd el Wileyeh
- Walid Eido Garden
- Metropolite Elias Audi Garden
- Saint Nicolas Garden
- Jesuits Garden
- William Hawi Garden
- Karantina Garden
- Horsh Tabet Garden
- Children’s Garden
- Horsh Beirut Park
- Sioufi Garden
- Museum Garden

Not to be thwarted, we dug deeper and found that all hope is not lost for public green spaces in Beirut. According to research by BGP, there are around 24 public gardens in Beirut. “People are largely unaware of how many gardens and parks we have in Beirut; they mainly know Sanayeh, Jesuit or Sioufi, but are shocked when we tell them how many there are,” says Boulad, adding that the number would have been higher had they relied on what the Beirut Municipality considered parks — BGP only included public spaces with benches and greenery, size aside. [Executive]


Brazilians Caught With Cocaine In Their Stomachs At Beirut-Rafic Hariri Airport


I wonder how they caught them.

Customs authorities at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport on Monday foiled an attempt to smuggle into the country a quantity of cocaine that came from Brazil via Ethiopia, state-run National News Agency reported.

“Three Brazilians arrived from Brazil via Ethiopia. Two of them had quantities of cocaine in their stomachs while the third hid a cocaine stash in his double-bottomed suitcase,” NNA said.

“The quantity of cocaine they tried to smuggle has been estimated to weigh around eight kilograms while one of the men who swallowed the cocaine was admitted into hospital after he suffered medical complications,” the agency added. [Naharnet]

Sukleen Giving Out Recycling Boxes For Offices


Sukleen are delivering the above shown recycling boxes specially made for offices for those interested and will come regularly to pick up the recyclables. All you have to do is drop them an email at with the below information:

• Client/Company name
• Contact name
• Contact number
• Exact address
• Request
• Approximate size of the company (how many offices, how many floors etc…)
• Approximate number of employees
• Number of branches
• Type of Recyclables to collect (Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Tins)
• Opening hours

I wish they had started this initiative a long time ago with companies, but still it’s a good one and should be followed by others to spread awareness on recycling and get the Lebanese more engaged.

The Daily Beast Removed The Article On Lebanon Being The Worst Country To Go On Vacation

Screenshot taken from Ginosblog

The Daily Beast had posted a list of the ten best and worst places to go on vacation last week, and named Lebanon the #1 worst place to go on vacation for Westerners right now. I have no idea how they came up with that list, but all of it didn’t make sense and for some reason the article was removed from their site now.

Lebanon’s Mayors Share Their Funny Stories


There’s an ongoing competition on Gandour Unica’s Facebook page whereas mayors from all around Lebanon share funny stories from their hometown and upload them on the page. The videos I was able to view (as some are locked for some reason) weren’t that funny to be honest, except for the Rmeil mayor’s one.

The competition reminded me of LBCI’s Kalamanji show. It was a hilarious show and I wish they bring it back!