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Spreading false rumors and fabricated stories has unfortunately become a trend in Lebanon and most of the TVs and news outlets don't even bother verifying a story before publishing it. If we look at the most recent US presidential elections, fake election news stories shockingly outperformed real news on Facebook. The sad part is that most of the major Lebanese news outlets couldn't care less if a story is accurate or not as long as…

New Lebanese Cabinet [2016]: Our New Ministers’ Real Profession

Now that the new government was formed, and after listing all the names with the corresponding ministries, here's what these ministers actually do in real life, based on an article from Assafir and online sources: Note: I will skip the ministers of states because the ministry of state in itself should not exist. Ghassan Hasbani - VP and Minister of Public Health Our Minister of Public Health holds a degree with honors in engineering and…

HuffPost Features Byblos & Zgharta Christmas Trees As The Most Breathtaking Trees Of 2016

8 months ago
HuffingtonPost featured in a recent article the Byblos and Zgharta (Bnachii) Christmas tree as some of 2016’s most over-the-top Christmas trees. I have to admit the Byblos Christmas tree did not make the buzz it ...

ASHEKMAN’s Nominations for The New Government

8 months ago
Ashekman is nominating fictional characters, celebrities and superheroes for our new government and some of the choices are spot on! Imagine Yoda as our new Education Minister, Daenerys Targaryen for the Interior Ministry, Batman our ...

Parliament’s Administration and Justice Committee Agreed to Abolish Article 522

8 months ago
Update: Just to be clear, the committee agreed to scrap the article but the parliament still needs to vote on it. Also LBCI reported that the committee has only agreed so far to scrap it ...

Adlieh Roundabout To Be Named August 7 Square

8 months ago
The violent crackdown that took place on the 7th and 9th of August 2001 against freedom fighters will never be forgotten and renaming Adlieh’s Roundabout August 7 Square is a step in the right direction, ...

Internet Freedom Not Improving: Lebanon Still Partly Free

8 months ago
Freedom House 2016 report on Internet Freedom is out and Lebanon is still classified as being “Partly Free” with a score of 45/100, similar to last year’s result. The report stated that “the internet freedom ...

Billy Karam is Once Again The Holder of Two Guinness World Records

9 months ago
Billy Karam was awarded for the third time since 2009 two Guinness World Records for the biggest number of models around the world (37,777 Pieces) and the man with highest number of Dioramas (577 Pieces). ...

Video Shows How The Lebanese Army Captured Ain el Helweh’s Daesh Prince

10 months ago
The Lebanese Army issued a statement that they captured Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain el-Helwi and released a footage of the operation that took place inside the Palestinian camp’s Tawaree neighborhood. Several arrest warrants ...
Animals & Wildlife

Keeping Lions, Tigers & Other Big Cats as Exotic Pets Finally Banned in Lebanon

11 months ago
Animals Lebanon has been lobbying for years to ban the keeping of big cats such as “lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, and any hybrid combination any of these species that results from ...