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Let’s Forget What Fattoush Did And Focus On Bernadette Ojeil For Now

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I watched this video yesterday morning even before it went viral and was disgusted by what this judge and her husband have done. What they did was wrong on so many levels and you’d expect them to get arrested on the same day, but then I remembered that MP Fattoush almost did the same thing by assaulting a female employee at the Justice Palace and got away with it, and then his son attacked a journalist few days ago and also got away with it somehow.

I never lost faith in the justice system and I am confident most of the judges we have are competent and capable of assuming their responsibilities, but it’s time we see some actions and not just videos gone viral.


Amal Alamuddin is Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of the Year For The Wrong Reasons

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There’s no doubt that Amal Alamuddin is a fascinating woman and deserves to be among the most fascinating people of the year, but it’s not of her very high profile marriage to George Clooney. Honestly speaking, it’s rather insulting and disrespectful to Amal to be named the “Most Fascinating Person” for marrying Clooney only.

Amal Alamuddin Clooney snagged a perennial bachelor in wedlock and became the most-envied woman in the world.
That’s one of the reasons why Barbara Walters has crowned her Most Fascinating Person Of 2014 in an ABC News special that aired Sunday night.
As Barbara pointed out, the 36-year-old brunette stunner has been thrust into the public eye thanks to her very high profile marriage to George Clooney, 53.

At the start of the show Walters proudly told viewers that ‘most of our fascinating people are women this year’, even though her top 10 went on to contain five men and five women. But rather than focus on Amal’s successful career as a human rights lawyer, the TV host said she had been given the top spot because she snapped up Clooney as her husband. ‘You could say hers was the wedding of the year, but let’s put it into perspective, it was really one of the greatest achievements in human history,” Walters said. [DailyMail]

Is it Wise For Joumblatt To Tweet In Favor of Legalizing Marijuana?

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I posted almost a year ago that I am all in favor for legalizing marijuana in Lebanon but I don’t think it’s the right time to do so and we need to have a serious proposal done by a minister or MP, and by that I didn’t mean a random tweet! Legalizing Marijuana is not that simple specially with all the armed groups present in Lebanon and the ever increasing corruption.

In all cases, I still don’t think it’s the right time for such a move and I am definitely not in favor of dropping charges against hashish dealers and growers. It’s not responsible to ask for such a thing at a time where the country doesn’t have a president or an electoral law, not to mention that our neighbor is at war, terrorists are everywhere and the borders are not safe.

Lebanese Minister of Transportation Wants To Ban #UBER

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Update2: Uber Beirut confirmed that these claims are not true and that business is running as usual.

Mustapha shared me with me this morning an article from Annahar stating that Uber will be banned in Lebanon after complaints by the taxi syndicate. Uber Beirut launched back in July and has been offering an excellent service at competitive prices. I personally used it at least 6 times so far and I have nothing to complain about.

As far as the ban is concerned, I honestly find it unfair and there are three things that I didn’t understand:

1- How are the Lebanese authorities going to ban Uber from all social media channels? How does that work?
2- Didn’t the ministry approve Uber’s business in Beirut before they launched? I don’t think they just launched the service here without any prior approval.
3- Can’t the ministry agree with Uber on using taxi drivers? or get its drivers a proper taxi license plate?

By the way I just checked the app and it’s working normally.

Update: Here’s a one-month old [article] about the same issue in the Daily Star. Thanks Elie!

Lebanon Wins Galactic Discovery Competition – MENA Region

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My friends from Uf Chou Laziz just informed me that they won the international Land Rover Galactic Discovery Competition for the Middle East North Africa Region! The winning team members are Wajid El Hitti, Sam Nassif, Samah El Hakim and Nicola El Hakim and they won a 6 days wildlife travel adventure to Botswana in Africa in mid-2015. The video was shot in Lebanon of course.

Congrats guys and I hope you go to space one day!


Remembering Gebran Tueni

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Gebran_12_12_2005_by_sdaouk Picture via sdaouk

Every year, we remember Gebran Tueni while Lebanon takes a step back in freedom and liberty. We need journalists like Gebran to influence the Lebanese youth and guide them in the right direction but unfortunately there aren’t any. We’ve lost la crème de la crème with Gebran Tueni and Samir Kassir and it doesn’t look like we will ever recover from this huge loss.

The only thing I can do through this blog and will keep on doing is remind people of what Gebran stood for and defended the most, that is freedom of speech. Keep in mind that freedom is ALWAYS more important than security and above all considerations. Keep this Benjamin Franklin quote in mind as well as it reflects the reality we are currently living in Lebanon:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

The Wall Street Journal Features Jbeil’s Christmas Tree

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byblos The 97-foot-high Christmas tree at the entrance to Byblos, Lebanon, north of Beirut, shown on Nov. 25. The tree is covered with 2,500 gold-colored iron leaves.

The Byblos Christmas tree was featured in the Wall Street Journal as part of Christmas trees from around the world, and not the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. There’s no doubt though that the Byblos tree and decoration are gorgeous.

Check them out [here].

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Christmas Village (عيّد معنا) In Achrafieh (Sassine Square) On December 13 & 14

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Beirut Municipality is organizing with the support of Achrafieh 2020 a Christmas village on December 13 and 14 next to Sassine square. They will be transforming the area into a pedestrian Christmas village for everyone to enjoy and have fun.

The village will be open from 10am till 11pm. Check out more info [Here].