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What Is The World House Of Lebanon?

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It took me a minute to understand the billboard shown above but it’s apparently a Lebanese Christian kid in his first communion clothes next to a Lebanese Muslim kid (Never seen one dressed this way). The billboard was meant to praise the Lebanese Army’s role on its 69th birthday.

The billboards were up before the Arsal clashes erupted yet moderation and unity are now needed more than ever among all factions. Everyone should rally around the Lebanese Army without any exception and silence those who dare doubt its role. I am not talking just for the sake of saying things, or praising the mosques next to churches banners that come out in desperate times only (see below tweet). I’m simply stating a fact that our future as a country is now in the hands of the Lebanese Army as they are fighting a serious threat that’s tearing to pieces neighboring countries like Iraq and Syria. The army is fighting a bunch of barbaric terrorists that know no religion, no God and have no morals and we must get rid of them while they are still in Arsal.

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Speaking of The World House of Lebanon, this is the first time I hear about them to be honest and I am still confused by what they really do after checking their [Website].

“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) is a non-profit apolitical non-governmental organization based in Lebanon, launched on June 1st, 2009, Ministry of Interior registration no. 1124.

“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) aims to promote the spirit of cooperation and union among resident and non-resident Lebanese citizens, including emigrants of Lebanese descent. On one hand, WHoL endeavors to encourage the participation of non-resident Lebanese citizens in Lebanon’s political, economic, social, and cultural life, and on the other hand, encourage them to defend the Lebanese cause in their country of residence.

Heroic Story of A Fallen Soldier From Arsal

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The above picture is reportedly the last picture Noureddine Al Jamal sent to his family before he was killed by gunmen in Arsal that were coming his way. There’s a story being circulated that Noureddine ordered his men to evacuate their position after they were attacked by a group of 300 gunmen and he decided to stay behind and cover them. He took down tens of Islamists before he got killed by a sniper shot.

I am sure there’s a story to tell for every fallen soldier and these men have managed to do what the strongest armies in the world haven’t been able to. We’ve lost 14 of our brave army soldiers so far but the Islamists are losing ground and I strongly believe the army should go all the way and wipe them all out.

Here’s a small report that LBCI did yesterday on some of the funerals that took place in the country.

Here’s what Jamal last said to his wife:

BuI82jKCIAAag9p via NowLebanon

A Not So Happy Lebanese Army Day After All

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At least 8 army soldiers were killed yesterday after Syrian gunmen attacked their checkpoints in Arssal. The Lebanese army quickly regained control of the checkpoints and pushed back the gunmen but the situation is still tense. Everything started when the army arrested Abou Ahmad Jemaa, who’s the Jobhat el Nusra “Prince” in Lebanon.

The pictures below are not from Iraq but from Arssal unfortunately and there are hundreds if not thousands of these armed men in the Arssal outskirts between Lebanon and Syria. The last thing we need are these scumbags raiding our towns and terrorizing our people and I want the army gets rid of all them and takes over the borders.

Let’s hope there won’t be any renewed bombings following these incidents.


ersal via BBC

Here’s a map that helps explain the situation in Arsal taken from ISWSyria:

Arsal-MCO (1)

How To Help Iraqi Refugees In Lebanon

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Ever since the Islamic State (Da3esh) took over Mossul, a lot of Iraqi families have been fleeing to Lebanon seeking refuge and there are over 1300 families till now according to the Chaldean Archdiocese in Hazmieh, Beirut. These families were forced to leave in a matter of days and most of them have nowhere to go, which is why the Chaldean Archdiocese along with other churches have been receiving them and helping them out.

More families are expected to arrive in the coming days, which is why a solidarity campaign has been launched to help them out and provide them with the most basic food and sanitary products which are listed below:
– Food items (rice, spaghetti, oil, salt, cheese, etc.)
– Toiletry products (toothpastes, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, detergent, etc.)
– Kitchen materials (cooking pots, glasses, plates, etc.)
– Clothes, blankets, sleeping mats, etc.
– Cash donations (to cover the medicines and the rent)

How To Help?
If you wish to help directly, you can contact the below numbers:

Mireille Safar 03-572322
Joe Matta 03-282040

Or call/email the Chaldean Diocese directly on:
+961 5 457 732
+961 5 459 088

You can also deliver your donations to BASSMA’s office in Badaro, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 3pm (01-383938) and make online donations on this [link].

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917 Road Accidents In July Only!

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The Lebanese Red Cross reported 917 road accidents in Lebanon during July, which resulted in 1222 injuries and 20 casualties. This is quite a scary number and a very high one when compared to the stats provided by Kunhadi (via ISF).

We need more awareness campaigns, better roads and more importantly we need the police officers to fine heavily people who endanger others with their reckless driving or stunts.


Lebanese-Australian Woman Accused of Bigamy And Barred From Leaving Lebanon

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A Lebanese woman called Mahassen Issa might be jailed for 6 months after she was charged with bigamy during her stay in Lebanon. The woman apparently got married during her last visit to Tripoli even though she lives in Australia where she’s already married and has two kids. Issa is saying that she got separated from her husband but no one’s believing her and now she can’t even leave the country!

What’s shocking about this story is how the woman’s family reacted to that story, by disowning her and insulting her instead of showing support. Her brother is hoping “she rots in hell” and wishes her death. Even if the woman did something wrong, which may not be the case, her family should help her out.

On another note, I wonder if the Lebanese authorities have the right to ban her from travelling knowing that she’s an Australian citizen. If anything, the Australian embassy should help her out and keep her way from prison.

Another Shark Killed in Tyre And Sold For $450 To A Restaurant

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IMG-20140610-WA0031 800kg Shark Killed off the Mina Coast Of Tripoli a month ago

A fisherman from Tyre caught a 90Kg shark on Tuesday and sold it to a restaurant for $450. That makes it 3 or 4 sharks killed last month and yet nothing’s being done to raise awareness on that matter.

We are not even sure if the sharks are dangerous to humans or not. We just hear that they were killed and thrown away or sold which is wrong by all means.