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Here’s Why He Drove With A Dog Tied To The Car

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After BETA shared a picture of a Honda CRV on the Jounieh highway with an animal tied to the car, the driver reached out to BETA and told them the full story. As shown below, Mr. Nehme apparently was trying to help the dog by driving him to a training school in Nahr el Kalb, but since he couldn’t put him in his car, he thought he’d tie him to the back of his CRV and drive slowly till he gets to the training school.

Of course it’s good to hear that the man has good intentions, but tying the dog and driving for a long distance was a terrible idea. He put the dog’s life in danger and other drivers’ lives as well by driving slowly on a highway.

Yesterday, all animals lovers were sharing the photo of Jack, the dog who was tied to a CRV and dragged around the Nahr El Kalb area; we shared the photo and expressed how harshly we condemn what happened.
Jack is now at a foster home under BETA’s supervision, he is being taken care of and we are making sure he will recover from the aftermath of yesterday’s incident.
However, we would like to clarify the other side of the story, from the point of view of Mr. Edward Nehme, the owner the Honda CRV in question.
Jack was brought to the neighbourhood of Mr. Nehme, and apparently he was being aggressive and somehow terrifying the neighbors, so Mr. Nehme took a personal initiative with very good intentions and decided to locate the dog to a training school in Nahr El Kalb, Mr. Nehme told us that no matter how hard they tried to put Jack in the car, he wouldn’t go in and wouldn’t cooperate at all; So one of the neighbours suggested tying Jack to the back of the CRV and driving very slowly, and this is what happened.
The training school management did not accept to take the dog but helped Mr. Nehme get the dog in the car.
The dog was taken to a vet who advised Mr. Nehme to take Jack to our shelter, where an animal lover accepted to take the dog and ensure a foster for him because we cannot accommodate more dogs at the shelter.
Mr. Nehme didn’t know any better so he drove long distances and tried his best to get the dog to safety; we surely do not accept the way this was done, and we will do our best it never happens again, but we know it was done with good intentions.
The dog now is fine, he has minimal damage in his paws, which shows that the car was driven very slowly, and he will visit the vet to make sure he is healthy.

Top 30 Lebanese for 2014

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L’Orient Le Jour published a list of 30 Lebanese personalities that were hot topics during 2014 due to good/bad things they’ve done. The list is a subjective one, is not based on any ratings or votes and includes:
1- Zeinab Bazzal
2- Amal Alameddine
3- Sabah
4- Haïfa Wehbé
5- Léa Salamé
6- Zeina Kassem
7- Waël Bou Faour
8- Riad Salamé
9- Zeina Daccache
10- Sarah Beydoun
11- Hashim Sarkis
12- Nicolas Fattouche
13- Marc Baroud
14- Zoya Rouhana
15- Rand Hindi
16- Tom Young
17- Sélim Mouzannar
18- Philippe Aractingi
19- Michel Sleiman
20- Mira Mikati
21- Yasmine Hamdan
22- Walid Joumblatt
23- Saïd Akl
24- Jackie Chamoun
25- David et Nicolas
26- Walid Ataya
27- Elias Maroun
28- Lana Sahely
29- Maya Kanaan
30- Aline Lahoud


There are my names that I haven’t heard of in that list, and Tom Young the man behind Beirut’s Rose House is mentioned even though he’s British. As far as bloggers are concerned, congrats to my good friend Lana from L’armoire De Lana for making the list!

Check out the full list [here].

25+ Pictures & A Video Of The Zena Storm From All Over Lebanon

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I compiled the best pictures from the Zena storm that hit Lebanon today and will be over by end of this week hopefully. I also uploaded an impressive video from Manara that my friend Nader took earlier today and here’s a video from Jbeil, another from Ouzai and one from Raouche.

Here’s the forecast for the rest of the week as taken from LebanonWeatherForecast:

Tuesday 6: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with local thundery rain showers, very strong winds and snow showers above “1500” M. Turning cloudy and stormy in the afternoon or evening with heavy thundery rain, hail showers, very strong winds. Snow starts directly at “1200” M and goes down fast to “900” M + Bekaa at night and around midnight. Very strong snow storm above “800” M + Bekaa during the night of Tuesday/Wednesday and Wednesday morning

Wednesday 7: cloudy skies , stormy with heavy thundery rain, hail showers, strong winds sometimes. Very heavy snow expected above “800” M + Bekaa, snow will be going down to “600” M in the afternoon and to “500” M in the evening. Snow showers might reach “400” M (“300″ M north) by midnight

Thursday 8: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with possible snow showers above “400” M + Bekaa. Becoming frigid at night. Chance for some flurries Thursday afternoon/night above “400” M + Bekaa

Friday 9: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies on the coasts.

1397533_10155045390390174_6167346514066994884_o Raouche – by Paul

10285071_10155045387775174_6099962660554687777_o Manara – by Paul

10862647_10155045390790174_506301941772648902_o Raouche – by Paul

10897817_10155063970665483_478304280275489792_n Sporting Club Beirut – via Nader


10914746_10155045391045174_321061661607095571_o Ramlet el Bayda – by Paul

10915220_10155063973395483_5473915496668898325_n Byblos – Via Nader

10917786_10155045392200174_5212155577190532240_o Dbayyeh

10920265_10155045391330174_7763931940361804314_o Dbayyeh – via Paul

B6r2YX7CEAAPrD1 Ain el Mraisse – via Ali Wehbe

B6r2YXmCEAA6Two Ain el Mraisse – via Ali Wehbe

byblo4 Byblos

Byblos POrt Byblos – via Yasa

Byblos Sour Mer Byblos sur Mer

Byblossurmer Byblos sur Mer

Jbeil Mina Byblos sur Mer

JBeil3 Byblos – via LebanonWeatherForecast



Mzaar today Mzaar – via LiveLoveBeirut

Mzaar2 Mzaar

Raouche Ain el Mraisse – via LebanonWeatherForecast

Tabarja Tabarja – via LebanonWeatherForecast

Dora highway Dora – via Yasa

Lebanon To Impose Visa Restrictions On Syrians For The First Time

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refugees Picture via UNRWA

Syrians were able to stay in Lebanon for up to six months previously, but this will no longer be possible as any Syrian who wishes to enter Lebanon will have to obtain a visa at the borders. This measure should have been implemented long time ago in order to control the flow of refugees trying to escape the war but it’s better late than never.

The new regulations will come into effect on January 5 as mentioned on the General Security website. This is the first time that such measures are taken ever since Lebanon’s independence. Hopefully, the borders will be secured soon as well in order to stop illegal entries as well.

Lebanese Red Cross Road Accidents Statistics For 2014: 10866 Accidents, 14516 Injuries And 229 Kills

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red cross

If we look back at 2013, there were 11,552 injuries according to the Lebanese Red Cross so the number has increased by almost 3000 this year which is huge! As far as the kills and accidents are concerned, I couldn’t find the full 2013 report but I assume the numbers are up this year as well.

I tried to compare the LRC statistics to the ones published by Kunhadi (via the ISF), but they don’t match at all. In fact, Kunhadi registered lower crashes (3420) and injuries (4690) this year, but 537 fatalities which is twice as much as the number reported by the Red Cross.

I don’t know which numbers are more accurate, but the sure thing is that road safety is still a major problem in Lebanon and the Lebanese authorities as well as all the NGOs concerned should be taking further measures. In fact, I think NGOs should cut down a bit on the awareness campaigns and take further practical measures on the roads, like installing safety barriers, fixing potholes or covering them, or even setting up checkpoints with the help of the ISF or municipalities on dangerous roads.


Amal Alamuddin Clooney Risking Arrest In Egypt

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The newly wed Lebanese born human rights barrister was told by Egyptian officials that she risks arrest over a document criticising the country’s judicial system. Alameddine has identifies flaws in Egypt’s judiciary which led to the conviction of the journalists over a year ago. Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian Baher Mohamed were sentenced in June to seven to 10 years in jail for spreading lies to help a “terrorist organization” – a reference to Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Honestly speaking, I am not surprised by the Egyptian authorities’ reaction but I wouldn’t go as far as call Alamuddin the regime’s number one enemy as Annahar did. Let’s see how this situation evolves and let’s hope we won’t be needing Clooney to stand for Lebanese journalists anytime soon. In fact in terms of Freedom of the Press, Egypt was ranked as not free last year while Lebanon is still partly not free but hasn’t improved in years.

“When I went to launch the report, first of all they stopped us from doing it in Cairo,” Clooney told The Guardian. “They said: ‘Does the report criticise the army, the judiciary, or the government?’ We said: ‘Well, yes.’ They said: ‘Well then, you’re risking arrest.’ [Independent]

Father Of Lebanese Wine And Owner Of The World-Renowed Château Musar Serge Hochar Dies On New Year’s Eve

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Lebanese wine industry legend Serge Hochar and the owner of world-renowed Chateau Musar has died in a swimming accident on New Year’s Eve in Mexico. Hochar is considered as the father of Lebanese wine and has helped Lebanon’s wine industry reach international acclaim.

Hochar studied the wine business in France and took over his father’s vineyard in 1959. In 1967, Château Musar’s reds won international approval and helped put Lebanon’s modern-day wine-making on the map. He was named Decanter magazine’s Man of the Year in 1984 for continuing to produce wine during Lebanon’s 1975-90 civil war, mostly from vineyards in the Bekaa Valley.

Here’s a beautiful tribute by Cathy Huyghe:

Ms Gilbert wrote about what you did, at 11 o’clock one morning in 1990 when Beirut (and your own apartment building) began to shake from shells dropped during a Syrian assault. You should have run to the bomb shelter. Instead you slowly poured a whole bottle of your 1972 Château Musar into a decanter, walked to the bedroom of your apartment, and closed the door behind you. For twelve hours you sat, and you listened. To the shelling, of course. And to the wine.

“What do you have to say to me now?” you asked your wine, hour after hour, sip after sip.

You listened.

And you survived that day. Somehow. Your winery did too, on the land of Lebanon and in the marketplace of the world.

You and your Château Musar have been the standard-bearer of wine from Lebanon, and from nearly the entire region, for a generation. You have inspired people you weren’t supposed to inspire. You have resisted others. You have persevered. You have relished life.

What’s better is that you have toasted it.

In some ways the current generation of winemakers in Lebanon operate with a different agenda than you did, and that too is as it should be. Times have changed, as you knew, and so have motivations, and politics, and even war. But there is no arguing that you have shaped the landscape of wine in the Middle East, and the concentric circles of influence that emanate outward from it.

For that I toast you, M. Hochar.

I toast your perseverance.

And I toast the lesson of listening – to the land, and especially to the wine.

Alexander The Great’s Siege of The Unconquerable Lebanese City Of Tyre

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I was reading an article about the 5 ancient acts of war that changed the face of the earth and the Great Alexander’s siege of Tyre was mentioned among them, so I decided to dig deeper into it and it’s a mind blowing story to say the least! In fact, I am surprised they haven’t done a movie about that siege alone.

So how did Alexander turn an Island Into a Peninsula?

Tyre was one of the largest and most important Phoenician city states and was a strategic coastal base on the Mediterranean. The city had a nearby island with walls extending directly into the water, which meant that it’s impossible to attack the fortification by land and you couldn’t attack the city with a navy (which Alexander didn’t have anyway). As a result, Alexander decided to do the unthinkable and started building a long land bridge to link Tyre back to land, and he did so while his army was attacked with arrows and bombarded by Tyre’s navy.


Once the water became much deeper, Alexander constructed two towers 50 meter long each and moved them to the end of the causeway. This wasn’t enough yet as the Tyre defense and navy were still able to counter all the attacks. Once Alexander was convinced he couldn’t conquer the city without a navy, over 200 galleys sent by the King of Cyprus and Greece came to his rescue. The Tyre navy was able to hold the attacks for a while but Alexander was finally able to make a small breach in the south end of the Island, and then launched a final attack and conquered the island.

Tyr 1934 Tyre view from an airplane, 1934

The article shows a picture of Tyre before Alexander’s attack and how it looks like now. As you can see, it’s no longer an island anymore. If you are interested in reading the whole story, check it out [Here]. There’s also this french article that I found and this short [video].