Reliving The First F1 Showrun in #Beirut

Photo by Naim Chidiac The first ever F1 showrun in Beirut took place on Sunday the 22nd of May. I couldn't make it but I compiled some of the best pictures and videos shared online to make you relive this unique and once in a life time experience. The Red Bull F1 car made two spots at the Cedars and in Byblos before the showrun in Beirut. Photo by Akl Yazbeck #RedBullF1inByblos Super Baby Brian…

Tripoli Becomes The First Lebanese City To Get a Bike Lane!

via Bike Tripoli Tripoli has inaugurated today a bike lane, the first of its kind in a Lebanese city. The bike lane is 3 km long and was launched prior to the third Bike Tripoli event that is taking place on June 5th. This is great news! I hope that other cities like Amchit or Jbeil will follow because they are ideal for bike rides.

Here’s Why I Love Formula One

10 months ago
I love Formula 1. Everything about this sport is fascinating and I hate it when I hear people telling me “It’s just driving around in circles”. Formula 1 is considered by many to be the ...

Lebanese Equestrian Marek Maitala Wins The 2016 FEI World Jumping Challenge Finals!

10 months ago
The FEI World Jumping Challenge Final took place in Rabat (Morocco) between April 22nd and 24th and Lebanese Marek Maitala managed to win the top spot against 10 other participants. The competition is usually open ...

Sunday Morning Escape

10 months ago
You might have visited every city in the country, but if you have not experienced Lebanon by bike then you have definitely been missing out. Three years ago, my friends got me a bike, they ...

Twelve Things You Always Hear in a Lebanese Basketball Game

11 months ago
If a team loses, they blame the referee. If a team wins, the other team’s fans attack them. If the fans are banned from watching, the players get into a fight. If the teams don’t ...

Here’s Your Chance To Meet World Football Legends in Lebanon

11 months ago
World football legends might be coming to Lebanon on September 10 to play a game at the Fouad Chehab Sports Stadium in Jounieh. The final list of players and details of the event will be ...

Here’s How Beirut’s F1 Grand Prix Would Have Looked Like

11 months ago
Lebanon almost won the bid to host an F1 track back in 1999. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was fond of the idea and F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting visited Lebanon to inspect the proposed track. ...

Beirut Marathon’s Typo (“Strat” Instead of “Start”) Explained

11 months ago
I was earlier today at the Beirut Marathon Youth Race that was taking place in Dbayyeh and the banner at the beginning of the race said “Strat” instead of “Start”. I thought it was a ...

Sagesse (Hekmeh) Players Went on Strike Over Non-Payment of Salary

1 year ago
I was told by a friend who’s a loyal Sagesse fan that the players have stopped going to practice since Thursday until they get paid. Hekmeh players only got paid once this entire season and ...