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Bikeathon 2014: Bike For Lebanon At The Beirut WaterFront

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The Bikeathon was launched last year and is a nice initiative to encourage Lebanese to bike for peace and encourage a more eco-friendly form of transportation. It’s happening this year at the Beirut Water Front on October 5th and you can register [Here].

We desperately needs more bikes and bike lanes in Lebanon to cut down the pollution and the traffic.

Judo Athlete Elias Nacif Grabs Silver For Lebanon At The 17th Asian Games In Incheon

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Elias-nacif-silver-medal-lebanon-asian-games-2014 Picture via sports-961

Elias Nacif defeated Erihemubatu (CHI) in the round of 16, Ghasemi Nejad Amir in the quarter finals and Kalkamanuly Aziz in the semi finalsbefore losing to Kim Jaebum in the final. This is a great result for Elias and the first medial for Lebanon!

Let’s hope more medals will come our way. Here’s the list of all 41 athletes representing Lebanon in Incheon as posted on Sports-961 website:

. Ali Hazer, 400 meters Hurdles
. Gretta Taslakian

. Najd Salloum, 75kg

Canoe Kayak:
. Richard Merjan, Obstacle C1 – Slalom

. Salah Rabah, Road Race
. Zahir El Hajj, MTB – Cross Country

. Dominique Tannous, Epee
. Mona Shaito, Foil

. Karen Shammas, -70kg
. Damien Ziade, -60kg
. Elias Nacif, -80kg
. Francois Charbel Saade (Juniors), -90kg

. Karim Jammal, Captain
. Frederick Makhlouf
. Fadi Saad
. Walid Yassine
. Hassan Karaki
. George Aroyan
. Robin Hachache
. Ibrahim Ballout
. Rudy Hachache
. Jad Al Hachem
. Joseph Touma
. Raymond Asfour

. Ray Bassil, Trap – Double Trap
. Joe Salim, Trap – Team
. Alain Moussa, Trap – Team
. Walid Najjar, Trap – Team
. Elie Akiki, Double Trap – Team
. Wissam Khalil, Double Trap – Team
. Elias Kaadi, Double Trap – Team

. Gabriella Doueihi, 50m freestyle – 100m freestyle – 50m Butterfly – 100m Butterfly
. Anthony Barbar, 200m freestyle – 400m freestyle – 800m freestyle – 200m IM – 400m IM

Table Tennis:
. Lara Kejebachian, Single – Mixed Double
. Rachid El Boubou, Single – Mixed Double

. Elias Hayeck, -63kg
. Fadi Bekhazi, -68kg
. Michel Samaha, -74kg
. Elias Hedary, +87kg

. Avedis Seropiab, All Round Tajiquan
. Patricia Nseir, Changquan
. Elias El Rayess, Sanda -75kg

Polyathlon Des Cèdres 2014: From Byblos Shore To “Qornet el Sawda” in Less Than 24 hours

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This year marks the 7th edition of the Polyathlon des Cèdres & Polyliban and they are organizing two challenges:

The Cedars Polyathlon on the 13th and 14th of September which is a challenge from the Byblos shore to the highest peak in the middle east Qornet el Sawda in less than 24 hours. It includes:
– 3K Rafting
– 2K Swimming
– 95K Biking
– 12K Trekking

The Mountains’ Heritage from the 15th to the 18th of September 2014 which includes crossing 400k North to South to discover our mountainous natural and cultural heritage.

If you are up to the challenge, you can register now on [PolyLiban] and check more information on their Facebook group [Here].


Thanks Yara!

Lebanon Draws 2-2 Against Brazil In A Friendly Game

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Lebanon played a friendly game against Brazil’s Olympic team in Qatar tonight and almost beat the Brazilian side. The Brazilians were the first to score but the Lebanese team managed to score twice afterwards and could have easily won the game if it wasn’t for Brazil’s late equalizer (which was an offside by the way). I know that this is not the official Brazilian team, but it’s still a huge achievement for the Lebanese team.

I will share a video of the goals scored as soon as they are out.


Rugby Sevens Tournament In Jounieh

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I had no idea we have 8 Rugby teams in Lebanon. This is definitely encouraging even if they are playing with 7 players only. In fact, maybe it’s smarter to play with smaller teams to encourage more schools and universities to join. Rugby sevens is a variant of rugby union in which teams are made up of seven players, instead of the usual 15.

Jounieh spartans Jounieh Spartans Rugby Union

Lebanese Basketball Federation Took The Right Decision By Keeping Two Foreign Players

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The Lebanese Basketball Federation decided today to keep the number of foreign players to two and not three like it was suggested (weirdly enough) by most Lebanese teams. I think it’s the right decision and I hope the teams will accept it so that the league kicks off the soonest.

As I said on previous occasions, allowing three foreign players on each team will basically kill the game in Lebanon. The arguments presented by few teams are invalid and don’t make any sense.

Rayane Moussallem’s Great Documentary On The Intervention Of Politics and Religion In Lebanese Sports

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I really applaud Rayane for compiling all these events and speeches and coming up with this great documentary. Politics and religion are ruining sports in this country and we are all to blame for that. I’ve been raising this issue forever and asking to keep politics and religion away from basketball and football in Lebanon but as long as we have a corrupt system and powerless federations, then there’s no hope in any change.

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