Dazzling Beirut outshines every city in the world!

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Anishah Smoking Hookah at Falimanki’s fairytale courtyard, Beirut, Lebanon

Anishah talks about her visit to Lebanon and how she found Beirut unlike any other city she’s ever visited. Read more [Here]

Until now, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro at carnival was my favourite world city for glamourous girls (and ladyboys), edgy neighbourhoods, funky districts, pristine beaches and cosmopolitan ambiance. I loved Marrakech’s contrasting eclectic mix of sensuality, tradition and nouveau. Las Vegas was incredible for it’s pure unadulterated guilt-free fun.
Beirut, has just blown Rio, Marrakech, Monaco, Miami and Vegas out of the water, for a city with a Middle Eastern heart!

9 thoughts on “Dazzling Beirut outshines every city in the world!

  1. marz

    gosh i read the full article and it gave me goose-bumps…i felt so blessed reading what she wrote. even though i knew few stuff were over rated..but come on look how foreigners see our country, she is too positive about everything she experienced SO WEIRD..

  2. HaDy

    I suggest she live there for a month or two and then see what she thinks of this country. Tourists always find interesting things to say about countries they don’t actually “live” in. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lebanon but there are a lot of things which are just plain wrong. I think someone put something in that shisha of hers before she wrote this article.

      1. HaDy

        Exactly. Everytime I go to London or Paris or anywhere else, I love the city as a tourist but once you start living there, it’s a whole different story.

  3. Ani

    Hi, I’m the author.

    Nothing added to my sheesha, though that made me laugh out loud! I actually agree with the last response, it’s easier to see the positives as a tourist. But as a visitor to any country, I always try to see the good, especially in a country which has a particular image in people’s minds all over the world – in this case images of war etc – I really aimed to disprove the cynics and highlight what a vibrant& beautiful city and country it is. And I truly thought it was.

    1. Oz

      That’s nice and all, but you are in the minority of foreigners who visited Lebanon and didn’t find anything ‘wrong’ with it.

  4. Fadi

    Maybe the author did not find anything wrong with Lebanon as she was choosing to focus on the positive and good aspects since much too often the negative aspects outshine all the good.. I get her position


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