Not so "Well Done" MTV!!

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I am not a big fan of Local TV stations but i do switch occasionally to see what’s on. Around 11 am today, i was watching on MTV a show called “Well Done“, that basically teaches you how to make food recipes. They were making chocolate truffles which i absolutely love, and which is why i did not switch the station.

Nevertheless, i could not help myself from noticing how unprofessional and distracted the hostess of the show was. She was complaining that she wants some music, then that she wants her coffee and was playing with her phone (Blackberry i think) while the cook was working on his truffles. I don’t know if she was having a bad morning since the show was live on a Sunday, but i did not see this coming, specially not from a respectable TV like MTV.

PS: I still don’t have a freaking clue on how to make those truffles. It is too damn hard, i’d rather buy them.

15 thoughts on “Not so "Well Done" MTV!!

  1. Najib Post author

    She is on a live show that is broadcasted to thousands of viewers. Do you see Marcel Ghanem texting his friend on the BB during his show?

    I’ve never heard of someone playing with his phone on the air.

  2. Najib Post author

    Hmm like who? Oprah? Tyra Banks? Jay Leno? David Letterman? Conan Obrian? Jimmy Fallon?

    I never saw any of those tweeting unless they are doing it intentionally, but i never saw a tv host distracted with his phone while talking to someone else.

  3. Samer

    i have to back najib with this one… i mean if those hosts tweeted while on air it might be for a cause or to promote a certain issue. but i dont see what is so important for a cook show host to be using her BB on air…

    this shows how unprofessional she is just like most of today’s tv show hosts.

  4. Samer

    and btw the worst thing abt lebanese TV stations is the fact that all they do is try to imitate western programs…MTV and LBC have gone wayyyyy beyond the line in this domain… i mean we have pleanty of creative minds in this country why do we enjoy imitating others ?!

  5. Patrick

    What’s the point of her being their on the cook show anyways? She’s not the cook, is she giving directions? Why would she, since she’s not the cook? If you’ve watched the Food Network you see that the cooks do all the talking.

    So my point is, what’s wrong with her being distracted since she’s unnecessary to the show?

  6. Najib Post author

    Yes he was explaining how to cook the truffles and she wasn’t even looking but checking her BB.

    I have no clue why she’s on the show as well. Her being unecessary does not mean she can act as if she’s not concerned with the cook.

  7. Pierre

    Their is no Prob if she has her cell with her the important is that she dont chat with her friends on air she could do it in the break ?!?!!thx najib!!!!!!


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