O&C First victim of Jal el Dib bridge works

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After the collapse of the Achrafieh building, and rumors that the Jal el Dib bridge could collapse any second, the authorities decided to close down the bridge and widen the adjacent road.

This all sounds great but why did they block the entrance to the O&C Fresh Market? What’s the use of all those piles of concrete blocks separating cars coming from inside Jal el Dib and those coming from the highway?

5 thoughts on “O&C First victim of Jal el Dib bridge works

  1. Maya

    If u want to go to O&C you should go to the right of these blocks. That’s how I go to my office when coming from Beirut. I guess they did this to separate people entering Jal el Dib near O&C from those continuing to Antelias. I found it makes sense actually.

    1. Najib Post author

      But if you are coming from the highway, you can’t easily go to the right. Most people are failing to turn right.

      I passed by O&C twice this week and it had much less cars than usual.

      1. Mark

        Is it more important that people go to O&C or is it more important traffic flows better? My guess is the reason they have all these concrete blocks is to keep traffic moving on the right and not have it slowed down by people who crossover to go to O&C

        1. Najib Post author

          People are now turning right at the end of the concrete blocks to go to O&C which will probably cause some traffic and maybe accidents cause u need to slow down a lot.

          O&C was never really causing traffic which is why it’s surprising to see those blocks. They could have left the road wider

  2. choura2yak

    Not a victim at all, the Law of the high ways says that the Highways in Lebanon are CLOSED same as it happens in front of ABC Dbayeh , they should never have direct access to the High way! If because of corruption they got licensed to do it then it is their own fault and even after years Law and system should be settled


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