Picture via MayaZankoul

There are tons of videos I’d like to upload and share on the blog, many YouTube documentaries, courses and tutorials I’d like to watch but that’s not possible not just because of the internet’s speed but because I could waste my 500MB 3G quota or 2.5GB DSL quota in a day or two.

Just like Mustapha said, we need a fast, abundant and cheap internet and so far we’re doing it wrong and falling behind.

The sad truth though is that even if the internet in Lebanon is very fast, the fastest in the world even, that’s not what is important. What really matters, what makes a big difference is that we have a fast, abundant and cheap internet. The internet should be so fast, so cheap and so abundant that people won’t think twice before hitting play on an online video that could teach them new things. There should be so much internet around that people will casually download 10 iPad educational apps for their kids (1GB each), decide which one they liked most and then delete the others (because they can always download them later). Backing your entire hard drive online should be as casual as eating breakfast. There should be no feelings of guilt for “wasting” the internet. Unlike water, bits can be infinite. And yet because of a short-sighted government policy, the Lebanese still treat the internet like a scarce resource. [BeirutSpring]

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PS: I can upgrade to a better DSL plan to 10 or 20GB download caps but due to the lack of a proper infrastructure in Keserwan, I cannot have more than 1 MB speed so it’s like I am paying money for more Gbs with the same speed which is absurd.