Saudi Arabia implemented last week a highly controversial Shisha tax that is angering a lot of people online. To sum it up, you get taxed 100% on your bill at any Shisha cafe or restaurant that serves Shisha even if you don’t order one.

I don’t understand why those who don’t order Shisha will get taxed as well, but I love the idea behind such a tax and I think it could work in Lebanon. Since the Health Ministry is so keen on encouraging Lebanese to quit smoking, let them impose a 100% tax on the Arguile price in all cafes and restaurants (if someone orders one of course) and even on delivery shops. If no one’s willing to implement the smoking ban law, let them hike up the price considerably (not by 1000LL) and even set a minimum price for the Shisha at 10$ (before tax).

Cafes and restaurants might suffer at first, but something needs to be done to treat the Arguile epidemic.