My friend went to watch yesterday “The Impossible” at Grand Cinemas in ABC Achrafieh and I was truly surprised to hear what happened during the session. I’ve always had good experiences at Grand Cinemas and never had anything to complain about, except the annoying people talking during the movie but I can’t really blame them for that.

Here’s a brief summary of what my friend texted me after he left:

” In the middle of the movie, the screen just went black but the sound kept going for like 3-4 minutes. People started clapping and shouting and some walked out. After they fixed the picture, the movie was rewinded some 15 minutes ago but once they realized the mistake they fast-forwarded it a little. Then the screen would just freeze every few minutes and people would start yelling and cursing until it works again. This happened at least 8 times and the picture would come and go at critical scenes which pissed off the spectators even further. It was really frustrating and chaotic and ruined the movie for us. At the end when we left, I wanted to talk to someone or expected some apologies but there was no one to talk to”.

I am surprised no one went after the guy showing the movie lol!

On a serious note, knowing Grand Cinemas and out of personal experience, I believe it’s a one-time thing but it wouldn’t hurt to investigate it and know what really caused all this mess.