haters Photo Credits: Animals Lebanon

Beirut Municipality has dropped its proposal to ban dogs on sidewalks in Beirut and clarified that they will put in place regulations and procedures to improve safety and public hygiene, and that they will not resort to banning dogs from walking on sidewalks.

Animals Lebanon have been following up this issue from the start and a ‘Beirut S(h)it In’ was being planned to protest the decision but it’s no longer needed. The good news as well is that they will be holding meetings with the municipality in the coming week to discuss dog welfare and managing homeless dogs.

The municipality should sit with concerned NGOs and organizations for all matters related to the city and they should provide proper funding to figure out long-term solutions to pets and other matters. The municipality of Beirut is very far from the people and its reputation has been quite bad for years now but it’s never too late for a change.

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