Rules-of Lebanese-Israeli-engagement via NowLebanon

As you all know, relations between Israel and Lebanon are governed by two laws, the 1943 Lebanese Criminal Code and the 1955 Lebanese Anti-Israeli Boycott Law which forbids any interaction with nationals of enemy states. Since the topic was brought up again after Miss Lebanon’s infamous selfie, I remembered an old article that NowLebanon had posted with the help of Salim El Meouchi, senior partner and chairman of the Beirut-based law firm Badri and Salim El Meouchi, on this matter.

To sum things up:
– You can’t be friends with an Israeli on Facebook.
– You can’t buy an Israeli publication or product.
– You can’t engage in a conversation with an Israeli outside Lebanon (except maybe when discussing non-threatening issues or a spontaneous talk)
– You can participate in a conference or event where Israelis are present as long as there’s no direct communication.
– You can publish in a journal where an Israeli writes as long as the paper is not Israeli and you don’t engage directly with him/her.