Every year during Easter holidays, i spot non-Lebanese(mainly Syrians) workers selling coloured chicks for 1500 LL (1 $) on the streets.
I was walking right past one yesterday when i had the curiosity to ask him if those chicks live or not and how he colours them. He told me he doesn’t colour them, he has a “supplier” that does that and he is not sure whether they live or not.

“If the chick lasts more than a day, then it may live a bit longer, else it’s no good.” he replied.

The sad part is that Lebanese still find it amusing to buy their kids a small chick and let them play with it, drown it, throw it as if it is some small toy.

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Update: I just read this in the news: Granny Fined $1,500 for Selling Goldfish to Child, kind of shows where we stand as a country.