A friend referred me to an interesting infographic on reddit highlighting the reactions of Lebanese on social media in regards to the upcoming elections.

I tracked down the original post, which was published on socialmediatag and includes the full methodology applied and the data sources used (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Instagram, Comments, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+) between February 25 and April 25.

Here are some of the findings but I strongly recommend you read the full article [here].

The top corrupt political party/Politician in Lebanon: Nabih Berry / Haraket Amal
The political party with the worst electoral alliances: Tayyar Watani Horr
The least corrupt political party/Politician in Lebanon: Samir Geagea / Lebanese Forces
The political party/politician with major accomplishments: Gebran Bassil / Tayyar Watani Horr & Future Movement Saad Hariri
The politician using mostly sectarian speech: Gebran Bassil
The political party with the best electoral program: Koullouna watani
The parties with the largest overseas support are the Lebanese Forces/ Tayyar Watani/ Koullouna Watani
The top candidate mentioned in Koullouna Watani is Paula Yacoubian
The highest number of impressions was recorded by Koulloun Watani with 45M
The highest number of mentions (number of a campaign hashtag was mentioned) was achieved by the Lebanese Forces (10.6K)

Needless to say, there is no clear link between social media sentiments and elections results, especially after what happened in the past municipal elections in Lebanon or even in the last US elections, but this is still a great infographic to look at.

PS: The data & insights of this infograph have been sourced from Crimson Hexagon, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze consumer insights on social media and other online data sources.