I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the #EnsaJoura initiative that MTV Lebanon and Live Lebanon kicked off and they’re already off to a great start!

In fact, I reported a couple of potholes to see if they’re responding quickly and I have to say I’m quite impressed. The first one was the huge pothole/ open manhole in Jeita I wrote about (but did not report) and the second pothole was in Zouk Mosbeh on the way up to NDU. They went to inspect the one in Jeita even though I did not report it and informed me that they can’t fix open manholes but they will raise the issue up and the second one was fixed in no time.

Live Lebanon will be uploading a map soon showing all the updates [Link]

Here’s a video showing how they fixed Zouk Mosbeh’s pothole:

Don’t forget to report potholes on MTV Lebanon’s app. The more a pothole is reported, the fast it will get fixed.