Former MP Gebran Tawk is apparently destroying a part of Bcharreh’s ancient Cedar Forest to set up an outdoor venue for his son’s wedding. Nadine from LBC Blogs managed to get some pictures of what’s happening near the Cedars Forest. You can check them out [Here].

“Sources told AL-Akhbar newspaper that Former Deputy Gebran Tawk is planning the wedding of his son on a piece of land adjacent to the ancient forest.

Bulldozers began settling the ground and transporting rocks and gravel in preparation for the ceremony which will last for 3 days, and which will be attended by nearly three thousand people.

It is worth noting that the ancient forest is listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO; a list that requires the protection of classified sites and their surroundings within an area exceeding 500 square meters; however, the preparation activities carried out in the vicinity may obliterate the existence of the forest…”