Scuderia Lebanon invited me for a test-drive on the new 488 Spider and California T HS last week in Kfardebian. The test drive was scheduled on a week day and I couldn’t attend but I didn’t want to miss out so I sent my younger brother as he’s never been in a Ferrari yet.

The event took place at the Massaya vineyard in Kfardebian from 10 AM till 3 PM. An assigned driver would drive us first from the vineyard down to where CBJ is located and then we’d drive all the way up to Warde. Both cars were equipped with an award-winning turbo charged 3.0L V8 engine but the 488 Spider had more hp (661 HP) than the California (553 HP).


The test drive was perfectly organized, the roads were empty and the weather was sunny but breezy. My brother chose the 488 Spider and was given all the necessary instructions on the way down from the vineyard. Once they got to CBJ, he sat behind the wheel and went for his first Ferrari drive. The first acceleration is always a big scary but he quickly got the hang of it and sped all the way up to Warde. Driving a Ferrari is a truly amazing experience and I’ve been lucky enough to test drive my first Ferrari two years ago and go for a ride in LaFerrari last year. Needless to say, the ultimate experience would be driving a Ferrari on a track but that’s not possible in Lebanon.

Just to give you an idea on how LaFerrari compares to the Ferrari 488 spider my brother drove last week, LaFerrari has a higher top speed (350 vs 329), a considerably larger engine (6.3l vs 3.9l), has 12 cylinders vs 8 for the Spider, and 302 more hp (963hp vs 661hp) which is insane!

Here are few pictures and a short video from the test-drive: