Beirut-born architect and founder of Culture in Architecture Aline Asmar d’Amman was recently tasked with redesigning one of Paris’ most iconic restaurants, Le Jules Verne, which is situated on level two of the iconic Eiffel Tower offering a magnificent view of Paris at 125 meter above the city and also Michelin-star dining.

D’Amman had recently worked on Hôtel de Crillon’s renovation and the design of the 18th century hotel’s suites and historical salons. Here’s what she said about reimagining the Jules Verne.

“I imagine the Jules Verne to become a manifesto of French chic; a state of mind, synonym of a certain classicism, combined with a slight irreverence,” d’Amman adds. “The tower is an embodiment of a balance between industrial aesthetics and high metal workmanship. The graphic and refined culinary aesthetic of chef Frédéric Anton, who himself advocates the femininity of his cuisine, is a whimsical inspiration for the holistic decor.”

You can read more about it [here].