Yesterday’s blast in Antelias could have easily killed a dozen people if not more, yet and according to the new interior minister Marwan Charbel, and I quote, “the explosion was a result of a financial and personal dispute between several people, including some car dealers.” [Naharnet]

I mean seriously??? All TVs reported that one guy was on his knees planting a bomb when it exploded in his hands. Do you need to plant a bomb under someone’s car to settle some old scores? Can’t you just smash it with a bat or scratch it?

“Our investigation so far does not point to an act of sabotage,” he told reporters.

How does it point to a personal dispute then? Those are two close friends coming to an area unknown to them, taking over 100,000$ from a nearby bank and almost succeeding in planting a bomb and running away.

I don’t care about the political background of the interior minister or the killers but claiming that this is a personal dispute is an insult to our intelligence.