The Lebanese Tourism Minister unveiled yesterday a new slogan (بحبّك بجنونك) to secure tourists back into visiting Lebanon. The slogan translates into “I love you in your madness” or “Crazy Love” and Minister Nassar wants it to be the new touristic identity that the world will see.

The minister told Reuters and I quote: “We are extreme in everything. “In love, in hate, in patriotism”, which may have been true at some point in time, but the current “madness” we’re going through is not one worth advertising. What madness are we so eager to show to the world? How banks make our money disappear? How our state deprived us of our most basic needs? How random gunmen take the street and shoot each other whenever they feel like it? Or how an explosion destroyed half of Beirut 15 months ago and not one person was held accountable?

Yes we do need a tourism campaign, but one that re-assures tourists rather than scare them away, one aimed at promoting rural tourism, guest houses, local culture etc, not just the “crazy” Beirut nightlife scene that no longer exists.

Last but not least: Who exactly are they targeting with this campaign? Arab tourists who lost interest or are advised not to visit us anymore? Or Expats who are no longer fooled by this fake marketing stints?

On a side note: The Ministry’s website is down. Crazy right? That’s the way we like it 😂😂