Neshan’s new show on Al Jadeed has been stirring controversy ever since hosting a male stripper, which is expected in our society but to have an episode cancelled because some people don’t want to see lesbians on TV is totally unacceptable.

Their excuse is that:

واعتبر المحامون في طلبهم “أن البرنامج ككل، إنما يقدم الحالات الاجتماعية الشاذة بطريقة ترويجية ويصورها كمثال يقتدى خصوصا للجيل الناشىء، منتهكا القوانين لا سيما قانون العقوبات، وضاربا بعرض الحائط كل المفاهيم والقيم الإجتماعية، والتي تشكل شبكة أمان إجتماعية للوطن والمجتمع”.

Instead of standing for human rights and promoting LGBT rights, these lawyers are directly and indirectly helping in the persecution of these individuals. As if gay, lesbian and transgender don’t face enough obstacles to live a life of openness and acceptance, they’re going to ban one of the very TV shows to dare host these people and let them share their stories.

I hope the episode won’t be cancelled but I won’t be surprised if it does. Keep in mind Lebanon’s delegation was bragging about opposing a gay rights bill at Geneva only few weeks ago. Maybe we should hope that none of these lesbians gets arrested.