The Peking Paris 2016 race has finally come to an end and TeamLebanon has made it all the way to Paris! Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha drove their Porsche 356C across eleven different countries and ended the race with a gold medal and second in their category. This is a monumental achievement for the Lebanese Team as no one has ever finished the race with a 356C and maintaining their gold medal despite all the obstacles they faced is incredible!

IMG_1259 You have to be one heck of a driver to cover an impressive 13,695-kilometer in a 40 year old car. Charbel’s perseverance and focus were key to this achievement

IMG_1274 Our heroes would have never reached Paris without Walid’s all-nighters and meticulous work to keep the car running

I haven’t received pictures from Paris yet but the cars are there now. I will update you with new pictures as soon as I have them.

porsche Porsche Lebanon’s unconditional support helped Charbel & Walid enormously throughout the race, especially when they ran into mechanical trouble

italy San Martino di Castrozza welcoming the Lebanese team