After Jounieh, it’s time for Antelias to kick off its night life. There is a whole street now in Antelias full of Shisha places, restaurants and now even pubs. Carlitos is the first pub in that region, it’s been open for few months now and is very similar in its design and atmosphere to Habana in Jounieh and Pacifico in Monot.

I went there yesterday without reservation and found two decent seats on the bar. I ordered my usual Vodka on the rocks and my gf had a Salad (Ensalada de Ticos) which looked yummy. We got there at around 9:10 pm, there were few people but all tables were reserved. At 10 pm, i barely had any space left to move my feet. Surprisingly though, there were few young people at the place, but rather older couples.

The great thing about Carlitos, like the pubs in Jounieh, is that you don’t have to drive all the way to Beirut and get stuck in traffic to have a drink.