aub cat

I just read on Facebook that someone has been smashing kittens with stones and killing them in AUB. 5 dead kittens were found near the new IFI building. I don’t know who’s this sick person but AUB administration is investigating and I hope they catch and put this person in jail not just give him a dean’s warning.

PS: There’s a picture here of the dead kitten that I didn’t want to share on the blog because it’s graphic.

Dear AUB community,

As you all know, we have a large population of cats on campus. AUB policy ensures that they be taken care of and respected, as it is a moral obligation to ensure the safety and security of all living beings.

I am shocked and disgusted to announce that someone on campus has been going around victimising and killing kittens by crushing them with stones. The other day I found 5 smashed kittens near the new IFI building. I was horrified to think that someone affiliated with AUB has it in them to treat animals in this cruel and inhuman way.

I was also informed that some students witnessed this brutal act and that the person responsible ran away. If you know of anything, please come forward. Such actions should not go unpunished, and I believe it is AUB’s responsibility to correct such behaviour.

So please, if you know of any such individuals or acts, please consider it your duty to inform the relevant authorities. The AUB vet, the animal right’s club, or even the administration.

There is also a rule against mistreating cats on our campus: students are liable to receive a dean’s warning (or more) for behaving in such vile ways.

I urge everyone to take this as seriously as possible, for a person’s moral worth can often by measured by their treatment of our silent and unprotected companions.

Via Mu Han Nad