This is one of Lebanon’s craziest roads with practically no lanes, no lighting, no speed bumps, rare roundabouts, and no radars (only Radar signs) or cops. I was coming back from Jeita yesterday when I saw a huge accident on the long straight after the Jeita Country Club turn. Nothing surprising though as you see those very frequently.

However, I noticed a very interesting fact about that road, that cars reach their top speed almost at Ziad Baroud’s house which happens to be at the end of Jeita. If you look at the map, it is after you get passed Frulatte and Starbucks that cars step on the gas till the end of the long straight some 1 km away.

Maybe if we hang a “Maintain Top Speed” sign there, Lebanese drivers will feel provoked and decide to violate it as they do with every law and as a result slow down.