Back when “Take me out” (“Na2ashit”) had just started on LBC, I posted on how I hated the show and that it’s stupid and demeaning but that we should keep in mind that these men and women have willingly accepted to take part in it and if they’re fine with “embarrassing” themselves in public, then that’s their call not ours.

During the last episode, some guy came and stripped in front of the girls and all of a sudden, every one was bashing the girls and calling them whores LOL! The latest was an MTV article that compared the show to a cabaret and the girls to hookers (without saying it).

Why are the girls getting all the criticism while it’s the guy who’s stripping for them? And who gives you the right to judge them or tell them what they can do or not? These are grown-up girls who don’t need your advice and you should be addressing them, not their parents or brothers and sisters if you wish to know why they chose to join the show.

وأريد أن أسأل: هل يقبل القيّمون على برنامج “نقشت”، وعلى رأسهم منتجته رولا سعد، أن تشارك ابنتها، لو كانت لديها ابنة، أو ابنة شقيقها أو شقيقتها في مثل هذا البرنامج؟ هل يقبل الممثّل فؤاد يمّين، الذي أضاع موهبته في وسخ الابتذال، بأن تخاطب زوجته أو شقيقته كما يُطلب منه أن يخاطب المشتركات؟ أليس للفتيات المشتركات في البرنامج آباء أو أشقّاء يرفضون هذا التسليع الذي بلغ حدّ الدعارة العلنيّة الذي تمارسه بناتهنّ، أمام الكاميرات والنَّاس؟

“Take me out” is a very popular show abroad even though though it got reviewed negatively at first and I’m sure a lot of Lebanese are watching and enjoying the show right now (and the strip show of course). A lot of people I know fail to identify with the women behind these podiums but these are part of our society and if that’s their idea of going out on a date, then good for them.

On another note, I find it funny that half the country is on Tinder and Grindr but find it outrageous that girls come out on TV to date a guy. If you don’t like the show, criticize it or simply don’t watch it but stop judging and labeling the candidates.