I stumbled upon few informational videos that will help you understand the new electoral law, the voting process and guide you on how to vote correctly in the upcoming 2018 elections. Some of them even have examples on how the voting takes place and how the winners are determined.

I already wrote a post on how the electoral law works but these animated videos make sure even simpler to understand. If you have others that you think are worth sharing, please mention them in the comments section.

Here are few important guidelines to keep in mind:

Requirements for voting:
– Lebanese ID
– A valid Lebanese passport

Your vote will only be valid if:
– You vote for the whole list and tick a preferential vote within that list.
– You tick a preferential vote only then your vote goes to the candidate and the list.
– You vote for the whole list without a preferential vote, then your vote goes to the list only.
– You use the official voting list provided by the Interior Ministry.
– You don’t draw any signs or write any words on the ballot.