We have the world’s third largest public debt-to-GDP ratio, fiscal and electricity reforms, which are seen as priorities ,are not in place yet; inflation is the highest in five years, projection for 2018 real GDP growth for Lebanon was downgraded from 2 to 1 percent yet we’ve been trying to form a government for almost 6 months now!!

We’ve been warned of an imminent economic crisis for years now, and the truth is no one knows if it’s gonna happen or not and when all hell will break loose here. The sure thing is that businesses are suffering, families are suffering, students are suffering yet our politicians are in lalaland.

They’re eager to form a government but are too greedy to compromise for the greater good. They’re all eager to put their hands on these $11 billion worth of loans from CEDRE that are meant to improve our infrastructure and revive the economy.

A part of me still wants CEDRE to fail because all this money will keep the country and the ruling parties floating for some time and what we need is a drastic change.