Zouk Mosbeh Municipalitiy is going after people who do not pick up after their dogs and will be fining them LL50,000. As stated by Beta, this is definitely a much better initiative than banning dogs all together but I’m struggling to locate where this sidewalk is located in Zouk because it looks brand new and clean and to be honest, most sidewalks in Zouk Mosbeh and its surrounding are pretty dirty. I used to go on jogs or morning walks from Antoura to Zouk Mosbeh and it’s rare to find any clean sidewalk there, same for my walks from Jeita upwards towards Sheile/Ballouneh.

Nevertheless, that’s a good move. Let’s hope they will be able to track down dog owners who leave poop behind, especially at night. Also, it would be good to offer these owners poop bags by placing small boxes on the sidewalks.