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TIME Recalls The 2006 Lebanon War Through The Eyes of 18 Photographers

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patrick-baz-lebanon-israel-war Photo Credits: Patrick Baz

I was crossing the Mdayrej bridge three days ago when it hit me that it’s been 10 years now since that bridge was partially destroyed by Israeli warplanes. The 34-day long military conflict was tough on all the Lebanese, especially those who were living in the South. More than 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians were killed, over 1 million were displaced, and our infrastructure was severely damaged.

On the 10th anniversary of the conflict, TIME asked 18 photographers to select and reflect on the images they took. I am sharing few excerpts from the article but I recommend you check out all the testimonies [here].

Kate Brooks

For the first time in my life, I truly understood what it was to be a civilian caught in conflict, because I was one. Being in Lebanon wasn’t like being in Afghanistan or Iraq. I had no psychological protection, no place of safety to look forward to returning after my assignment.

Each time my body would grow tense and I would cover my ears. I even removed the windowpanes on one side of my flat for fear the glass would shatter. There was often no electricity or fuel for generator power. I resorted to buying truck batteries to power my computer.

spencer-platt-israel-lebanon-war Photo by Spencer Platt: The opaque nature of reality in the Middle East is captured in the image. The beautiful subjects in the red Mini Cooper driving through a devastated neighborhood took offense at how they were depicted.

Kadir van Lohuizen

It was quite shocking to see how destructive this very short war was between Hezbollah and Israel. The village was first bombed, and then the Israeli army brought bulldozers to completely flatten it.

This was ten years ago. It is depressing how much the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated since then.

davide-monteleone-lebanon-israel-war Photo Credits: Davide Monteleone

15 Awesome Pictures of Tripoli’s Abandoned Railway Station

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tripoli railway13

The Tripoli railway station is located in el-Mina area and is the second oldest train station in Lebanon after Riyak which began operating in 1891. Tripoli’s railway station used to connect to Homs in Syria and Beirut’s central station in Mar Mikhail and formed the terminus of the famous Orient Express line. The station was badly damaged during the civil war and has been closed ever since.

I passed by the old railway station a couple of weeks ago and it took me around 45 minutes to visit it all. It’s abandoned and neglected yet a beautiful site to explore and I wish someone would preserve it and turn it into a touristic attraction to showcase Lebanon’s railway heritage. You will find there several multi-purpose wagons and century old Locomotives. At this time, the site is open and easily accessible to all but be careful when walking around as the place has been abandoned for 30+ years.

We always hear of new plans to revive Lebanon’s railway but we all know it’s not happening anytime soon. Riyak’s railway station is next on my list.

Enjoy the pictures!

tripoli railway10

tripoli railway15

tripoli railway14

tripoli railway12

tripoli railway11

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14 Awesome Storm Pictures from Different Towns & Areas In Lebanon

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Mzaar via LiveLoveBeirut by @Nady83

Lebanon kicked off 2016 with a beautiful snow storm (Vladimir) that covered the whole country in white. I compiled some of the best pictures from different towns and areas in Lebanon into one post. If you have any picture you’d like to share, send me a link or email me

Enjoy and stay safe everyone!

Zahle White Zahle by Oussama Tannous

sheep I think it’s from Akkar. Source

Sawfar via WeAreLebanon by Firas 3amer

Miziara Miziria – via Miziria FB Page

Mar Maroun Mar Maroun Monastery by SkyViewLebanon

Kobayat Stunning Kobayat – by Antoine Daher

Kfardebian Kfardebian covered in snow – by WeAreLebanon

Hasroun Hasroun – by Hasroun Church FB Page

Ehden Snow Camp – Ehden via LiveLoveBeirut by renemowawadphotography

Cedars Bcharre by i_markian

Ammiq Ammiq via WeAreLebanon

Akoura via LiveLoveAkoura by Bachar Tarabay

Tannourine Tannourine by Jack Harb

Lebanon sky Lebanon all covered in white. View from the sky taken by Dany Daccache via Nicolas Sehnaoui.

Week42 : LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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Bekaa Bekaa by Plus961

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Sawfar Villa Donna Maria Sursok built in 1909 – By Fouad_Khallie

Coffee How do u like your coffee? By PamelaChlala

Baskinta Lovely Baskinta – By HaigAdventures

aley Beautiful Aley – by Giorgio

traffic Live Love Traffic (Not Really) – By RiseAboveLebanon

#BlogWaladi: Are We Taking Too Many Pictures Of Our Kids?

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I currently have 852 pictures and 83 videos of our baby in my library and he’s barely 4 months old. At this rate, I will have over 2000+ pictures by the time he turns 1 which is obviously a lot. In fact, I don’t think my parents have that many pictures of me from my childhood years. Needless to say, you can’t possibly enjoy that many pictures but even though I’ve tried filtering them out and sorting them, I keep adding new ones faster than I delete the old ones.

I was talking with a good friend and a father of two about this issue and he told me that his eight year old daughter asked him the other day why does he keep taking pictures of her and stalking her with his camera, his phone camera or anything with a lens? He froze for a second and didn’t know how to explain this unstoppable urge to take countless pictures and try to freeze every little moment and every little smile of her, no matter how silly it is.

The answer is pretty simple though. We all think that our kids are the cutest and the most adorable ones in the whole world and we want to take pictures of them when they are smiling, crying, sleeping, pooping, peeing on us during shower time, taking their first steps, babbling nonsense, doing goofy expressions, kicking with their feet etc. Moreover, things have changed drastically with the smartphones and social media and parents are now able to easily take tons of pictures and videos and share them instantly via Whatsapp, email or on social media.


Of course everything is good in moderation and taking too many pictures of your kids may be a bad thing but it really depends on how frequently you’re doing it, and what you are doing with these pictures. Here are few things that I’ve learned from experience and that could prove useful:

– The trick is not to take fewer photos, but to take better ones. Try to become a better photographer and take pictures more casually. If you have a small camera like the Sony QX10 or a GoPro, place it somewhere your kid can’t spot it and keep it running after you capture a moment. I would also recommend hiring a professional photographer if you want to take better candid shots and family portraits.

– Sort your photo library every Sunday. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months for all my pictures and it’s working out very well. I put pictures into albums, label them and delete the blurry and unnecessary pictures. For example, if I have 10 takes of the same shot, I keep the best shot and remove the others. This may seem like a silly thing to do but most people I know don’t bother do it and end up with tons of useless pictures.

– Try to enjoy the moment instead of grabbing your camera every time to snap a shot. I know it’s hard, especially that it’s much easier to do so now, but sometimes the very act of documentation ruins the moment you’re trying to document. As kids grows up, you want them to become more aware of the times when they were having fun with their parents, not when a camera was being held up to their faces.

– Make sure you print 5-10 pictures every month and put them in a nice album or photo frame. Call me old-fashioned but it’s always nice to look at a physical album rather than watch pictures on a digital frame or check them out on an iPad. Moreover, printing photos will help you go through your photo library and filter out the good shots.

– If you are photographer or just love taking pictures, you can always become your family’s archivist and give yourself an excuse to take as many pictures as you want.

Week41 : LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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Chouwen1 Chouwen river like you’ve never seen it before – by @RiseAboveLebanon

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Rachaya Rachaya by BitarGeorges

Grand serail Serail in pink – by Naiiman

Chouwen2 Another stunning Chouwen river shot – by @RiseAboveLebanon

Bekaa Bekaa – by Eihab

Baalbeck Vintage Baalbeck – By Joe el Hage

Akkar Stunning Akkar – by Nurturkmani

Week39 : LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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Ramlet Ramlet el Baida – So far still a public beach. Picture by RiseAboveLebanon

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HIppo Hippodrome Beirut – by Zcitytips

Chabrouh Chabrou7 Dam – by MichoKhoury

Bqarzla Bqarzla falls – by Amiiryoussef

Bekaa Bekaa – by RiseAboveLebanon

Bakich Bakich – by MichoKhoury