#BlogWaladi: Celebrating Brian’s Two Years in Pictures

It's true what they say that "Time flies when you're having fun". Brian has officially turned two on Saturday and the past 24 months have been tiring but thrilling, exciting and more importantly rewarding. Raising a kid is a tough task but we're enjoying *almost* every moment of it and I'm making sure I document every milestone he achieves and pretty much everything he does, whether it's smiling, crying, sleeping, pooping, peeing on us during…

Check out Zahlegigapixels.com

If you've never been to Zahle yet, you can now go on a virtual tour on Zahlegigapixels.com: a stunning panoramic gigapixels image produced by Clement Tannouri. The 360 view allows you to zoom in on major sites, buildings and streets and even go inside touristic places. To name few, Chateau Khoury, Al Karram, the Catholic Archbishopric, Memchiye's park, Berdwany's restaurants and others. Tannouri assembled more than 3000 photos to form this gorgeous panoramic picture. Check…

Beirut as Seen From Space

5 months ago
French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared yesterday a stunning shot of Beirut taken from the International Space Station. Pesquet has never been to Beirut yet but none of us Lebanese have seen Beirut the way he ...

A Gorgeous 360° Panorama Photo of Zahle – By Clement Tannouri

5 months ago
Check out this stunning 360° Panorama shot of Zahle taken by Clement Tannouri after the latest storm from the highest point at Our Lady of Zahle. Check it out [here] and make sure you are ...

Al Kassouf Grand Hotel

6 months ago
Check out these beautiful shots that I took from inside the iconic Al Kassouf Hotel in Shweir, which was built in the 1930s and damaged during the war. According to a 2013 post on Shweir.com, ...
Middle East

Best AP 2016 Images From The Middle East

6 months ago
2016 has been unfortunately a bloody year for the Middle East and the majority of this year’s top AP images are from wars or suicide bombings mainly from Iraq & Syria. Mercifully as put by ...

A Bunch of Awesome & Untouched Shots Taken With the Huawei P9 Dual-Lens Leica Camera

7 months ago
The Huawei P9 smartphone is all about the camera. It’s decent looking phone with a rather sluggish software but its Leica-branded dual-lens camera is one of the best I’ve seen so far and makes the ...

In Pictures: Christmas Tree & Decoration at City Centre Beirut

8 months ago
Lighting up the Christmas tree is becoming a nice tradition at City Centre Beirut. Last year, I couldn’t make it but I made sure to attend yesterday and bring Baby Brian along. The event was ...

Abandoned Silk Mill – Kfarmatta

8 months ago
Make sure to follow my adventures on [Instagram]. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the Silk Museum, which dates back to 1792, in the Lebanese village of Bsous but few of them mention ...

The Golden Forest – A hike from Dahr El Keif to Azer Forest

8 months ago
When a friend of mine approached me with a Sunday plan for a hike in Akkar, I responded with the typical “Menshouf”, equivalent to “probably not”. All he had to do was show me a ...