In Pictures: Christmas Tree & Decoration at City Centre Beirut

Lighting up the Christmas tree is becoming a nice tradition at City Centre Beirut. Last year, I couldn't make it but I made sure to attend yesterday and bring Baby Brian along. The event was scheduled at 7 but people started gathering on all City Centre levels around 6:30 PM, then Minister Alain Hakim and Anabella Helal showed up to push the countdown buzzer and light up the tree amid Christmas chants by a small…

Abandoned Silk Mill – Kfarmatta

Make sure to follow my adventures on . I've heard a lot of people talk about the Silk Museum, which dates back to 1792, in the Lebanese village of Bsous but few of them mention the abandoned old silk mill that is few minutes away from it in Kfarmatta, Souk el Ghareb. The structure has been abandoned for years now but it's still in a relatively good shape. I couldn't find much information on this…

The Golden Forest – A hike from Dahr El Keif to Azer Forest

1 week ago
When a friend of mine approached me with a Sunday plan for a hike in Akkar, I responded with the typical “Menshouf”, equivalent to “probably not”. All he had to do was show me a ...

In Pictures: Bechara El Khoury Abandoned Palace in Zokak el-Blat

1 month ago
Zokak el-Blat used to be one of the upper class districts in Beirut where villas and palaces were built. It was also the first area to have a paved road, hence its name. Two of ...

Lebanese Photographer Fadi BouKaram is Visiting All of America’s Lebanons

1 month ago
Fadi BouKaram flew all the way to the United States to discover all the cities and towns called Lebanon. Fadi will be touring the US over a five-month period and visiting over 40 “Lebanons”. Some ...

Visiting The Grand Aley Hotel, Also Known As Gebaily Hotel

1 month ago
I shared a piece by the Guardian earlier this year on the The Grand Aley Hotel and how it’s been for sale since 2008 after the central bank seized the hotel. Update: The owners are ...

14 Stunning Night Shots by Georges Boutros

1 month ago
George Boutros is an amateur yet passionate night sky photographer who has been dedicating a lot of time and effort for his hobby. A month ago, he was telling us about his new project which ...
Extreme close up to Beirut's Harvest Moon

Pictures from Friday’s Harvest Moon in Beirut

2 months ago
It is called a harvest moon and it gives out the impression that the moon is a lot bigger than usual. This full moon rises with the setting of the sun and is at the nearest ...

Burkini vs Bikini in Tripoli, Lebanon

3 months ago
Women in Burkinis and others in Bikinis swimming at the same beach in Tripoli, with no fashion or “Ethics” police around. A great shot by Jad Ghorayeb. ...

Tips to Choosing the Right DSLR Camera and to Taking Better Photos

3 months ago
Let’s face it, we all want to take great pictures but we rarely invest in a good camera and a bit of time to learn a couple of tricks in order to enhance the quality ...