BlogBaladi Is Lebanon’s Most Influential Blog And The Blog Of The Year 2015

has just published this morning its blogging statistics and awards for 2015 and BlogBaladi emerged as Lebanon's Most Influential Blog of 2015, also known as Lebanon's Blog of the year which is awesome news! What I love about these statistics is that they are not based on subjective opinions, but on hard data gathered and analyzed from the thousands of posts that were published and indexed this year, and I thank Mustapha for going through…

How Lebanese Ayah Bdeir’s #littleBits Is Changing The Engineering Landscape

Even though littleBits was launched in 2011, Ayah Bdeir's award-winning platform is still making headlines worldwide and the latest was this interview with WIRED on the cult of littleBits, and how "this tech toy is changing the engineering landscape". Who is the Founder & CEO of littleBits? Ayah Bdeir completed her undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering and Sociology at the American University of Beirut then earned a Masters of Science degree from the MIT Media…

Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Worth The Upgrade?

11 months ago
I’ve been carrying The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for almost 6 months now, and I still didn’t get bored of its unique design and curved side screens, but I missed having a bigger screen and ...

How To Enable Google Traffic View In Lebanon

1 year ago
The “Traffic” feature on Google Maps shows current traffic conditions on highways and roads but it is not available in Lebanon and several other countries. I always thought that Google didn’t have enough data to ...

14-Year-Old Lebanese Wins Apple’s WWDC 2015 Scholarship

1 year ago
Jake al-Mir is only 14 years old and has developed two apps already – Picture from the DailyStar Jake al-Mir is a remarkable 14-year old Lebanese high school student that taught himself how to code ...
Middle East

The Middle East’s First Official Apple Store Is Now Open In Dubai

1 year ago
The first official Apple Store in the Middle East will officially open tomorrow to the public in the new Mall of the Emirates extension in Dubai, followed by a second launch at Yas Mall in ...
Gossip & Rumors

Netflix Might Be Launching In The Middle East Soon

1 year ago
According to IGN, Netflix has confirmed they will be launching in the Middle East soon. In an email to IGN ME, Netflix’s Joris Evers said, “We plan to complete our global expansion by the end ...

The State Of Broadband 2015 Report: Lebanon vs The Arab World

1 year ago
According to Ogero’s July 2015 report, there are 3,638,051 internet users in Lebanon as of December 2014, out of which 2,505,875 mobile internet users. The internet penetration is 86% which puts Lebanon in 4th position ...

Review: Should You Buy The Apple Watch?

1 year ago
First Impression: I wasn’t very impressed with the Apple Watch when it first launched as I thought it was too big but I changed my mind when I saw a friend wearing it. He had ...

IMAX Finally Coming To Lebanon

1 year ago
via digitaltrends Three IMAX theatres will be added to VOX locations in the MENA region, including one in Beirut, marking IMAX’s entry into that country. VOX Cinemas are expected to get IMAX by end of ...