New Ogero DSL Speeds and Pricing as per Today’s Approved Decree

The new prices that Ogero announced almost a month ago were finally approved in today's session with even further reduction in monthly subscription prices. While speeds will remain the same for most plans depending on technical capacity, the newly introduced "Open Speed" plans will offer internet users with speeds similar to the ones we witnessed during the Unleash the Speed campaign. Here are some of the newly announced packages: – 2Mbps: Unlimited at 60,000 LBP…

More than 250 Students Took Part in Azadea Foundation’s 2017 Envirothon

Azadea Foundation has been hosting inter-school Envirothon competition for the past three years to celebrate Earth Day and this year's competition was in collaboration with The Little Engineer. This year's theme was “Using technology for Environmental Solutions” and students were encouraged to create items like cars and ovens powered using renewable energy such as solar or wind energy. I was present at the first edition and it was great to see students go beyond the…

World Economic Forum: 9 Lebanese Starts Ups Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

11 months ago
The World Economic Forum has teamed up with the International Finance Corporation to bring us the top 100 Arab World startups that are shaping the future in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). ...

Did BDL Thwart a Wannacry Ransomeware Attack?

11 months ago
The DailyStar mentioned yesterday that the central bank thwarted a cyber attack on Monday and had to suspend some of its online services, mainly its email services, as a precautionary measure. The rest of the ...

#WannaCry Virus: Update your Windows & Install an Anti-Virus Right Away!

11 months ago
There’s a very nasty virus out there that has infected more than 100,000 computers in over 100 countries. Even though the majority of attacks have targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan, everyone is at risk as ...

Stefano Fallaha to Represent Lebanon at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

11 months ago
Stefano Fallaha may be Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s youngest entrepreneur and he was just nominated to represent Lebanon and the American University of Beirut at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Making it to ...

Ogero Announces Better DSL Prices, Speeds Remain Unchanged

11 months ago
Update: Open Speed means if you are close to the central office you can get a much higher speed (could reach 12 mbps or more in some cases), so speeds may differ for some lucky ...

Google Maps Will Now Help You Find Your Car at The Mall

11 months ago
If you tend to forget where you parked your car at a mall (just like me), Google Maps just introduced a useful feature that will help you save your parking location and guide you back ...

Lebanese Ministry of Telecom Website Got Hacked for 6 Hours Yesterday

11 months ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Telecom official [website] got hacked yesterday in the afternoon and only got fixed around the midnight. What’s funny is that I wanted to tag the ministry or minister to inform them ...

#UnleashThe Speed: Don’t Forget to Test Your Ogero DSL Speeds Today!

1 year ago
Today marks the third “unlimited speed” day planned by Ogero and the regions covered will be: Dora, Sin el fil, Minât el Hosn, Chiah, Achrafieh, Dekwaneh. I just did a speed-test earlier this morning and ...