Illegal Internet in Lebanon Explained

I would add these one point to Farid's spot-on video: - The illegal Fiber optics cables that were installed between several regions were mistaken for rat metros, given that the rat population has been booming in Lebanon lately. So you can't really blame the authorities here. Watch carefully and help the authorities find more illegal networks! ; if ) return; js = d.createElement; = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore;});Ma fi shi bye2ta3 3layna. #bigachievementPosted…

Who Doesn’t Want a Better Internet in Lebanon?

Speedtest on a 4MB DSL Ogero connection in Beirut The Lebanese government has been busy investigating illegal internet companies for the past couple of weeks. We are talking about large communication devices and towers installed in several areas across Lebanon and a 40GB per second bandwith bought from Turkey and Cyprus and equivalent to 1/3 of the bandwith set by the Telecom ministry. The worst part is that a lot of sensitive official departments were…

4G+ Coming Soon To Lebanon, 5G To be Introduced by Mid-2018 by Alfa Telecom

9 months ago
Last year during my visit to the MWC2015, I witnessed what a 5G connection looks like at Ericsson’s booth and wondered if we will ever see similar connections in Lebanon. As it turns out, Alfa ...

Beware of Fishy Contractors Digging Up Your Neighborhoods

11 months ago
Update: The company who was digging is called Caporal and Moretti on behalf of the Ministry of Telecom. They came today and fixed the lines and everything. A couple of weeks back, I was visiting ...

8 Things to Consider Before Signing up to Netflix

11 months ago
If you’re just getting started with Netflix, here are 8 tips for making the most of a Netflix streaming subscription: 1- Choose the right subscription plan: It offers three types of subscription plans; Basic, Standard ...

CES 2016 Day 1: Meet The Five Coolest New Products by LG

1 year ago
The world’s largest innovation event kicked off yesterday and LG’s ultra premium Signature products and impressive booth stole the show on Day1. The new LG Signature line of products, which was introduced one day before ...
Movies & Television

Netflix Finally In Lebanon: Here’s How You Get It

1 year ago
I was few meters away from the Netflix keynote that was taking place at CES 2016 when they announced they are finally launching their service globally to over 130 new countries (except China) around the ...

I’m In Las Vegas For The CES 2016 Expo!

1 year ago
I’ve never been to Las Vegas or to a CES expo before so it’s pretty exciting to be here with the LG Levant team to attend The International Consumer Electronics Show 2016, one of the ...

#NERD16: Let’s Build Robots To Collect/Recycle Our Garbage & Prevent Fires

1 year ago
#NERD16 is an open nationwide tournament that is hosted at AUB on March 2016 and the biggest robotics tournament in Lebanon. This year marks the sixth edition of NERD (National Education Robotics Day) and it ...

BlogBaladi Is Lebanon’s Most Influential Blog And The Blog Of The Year 2015

1 year ago
[LebaneseBlogs] has just published this morning its blogging statistics and awards for 2015 and BlogBaladi emerged as Lebanon’s Most Influential Blog of 2015, also known as Lebanon’s Blog of the year which is awesome news! ...