Here’s a quick follow up on the giant marine turtle that was hit on the head and pulled out of the water to be used as a photo prop. The turtle’s skull is damaged but he is in safe hands now and was moved to a pool to recover.

This sea turtle cannot eat on his own or dive under the water. Days ago he was carried on shore, used as a photo prop, and beaten on the head with a stick. The blows were so strong that his skull is damaged.
To better care for him we bought a large pool and sun shade. The pool was set up this morning next to the port and sea water pumped in. By noon the turtle was moved in and looking more relaxed.
The Ministry of Agriculture and the Civil Defense have been great in caring for this turtle. [Animals Lebanon]

The turtle will be set free once the recovery process is over, but no one can guarantee the animal’s safety as long as there are no sanctuaries for these endangered species and there’s no law to protect them. Till now, the Lebanese parliament hasn’t approved the law to protect all animals that was submitted by Animals Lebanon and got approved by the Council of Ministers.