Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama Lebanon2016. The concept of the Panorama Lebanon 2016 event is not new for Ferrari, however it will be the first time this event is hosted in the Middle East.

Spanning over two days, Scuderia Lebanon are choosing a selected number of exclusive partners to cover this event and BlogBaladi is proudly one of them. It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of such a prestigious event that merges the luxury of Ferrari with the beauty of Lebanon.


Gilberto Medici, General Manager of Scuderia Lebanon S.A.L. is the organizer behind this massive upcoming event. The last year alone, he has been behind the unveiling of the new 488 Spider, the media test drive in Kfardebian and now to solidify his stamp on a great year, Panorama Lebanon 2016.
On Friday the 30th of September, guests and partners are invited to Phoenicia Hotel for a luxurious gala dinner. On Saturday the 1st of October, approximately 50 Ferrari, local and regional car owners, will embark on a 7 hour drive starting from Phoenicia Hotel passing through south Lebanon onwards to the Bekaa and Beiteddine region. The cars participating in this event will be marked by Panorama Lebanon 2016 logos. To ensure the safety of all drivers each car has undergone mechanical revision by Scuderia Lebanon.


The schedule of the day will be as such:
– 7:00 am Departure from Phoenicia Hotel
– 7:30 am Sidon Sea Castle
– 8:15 am Tyr Port
– 9:00 am Breakfast stop at Naqoura
– 10:15 Bint Jbeil
– 11:00 am Marjeyoun
– 12:00pm Lake Qaroun
– 12:30 pm Lunch stop at Chataux Kefraya
– 3:15pm Beiteddine Palace
– 5:30 pm The drive ends with the arrival back to Phoenicia Hotel
– 9:30 pm Dinner and Celebration at the Phoenicia Hotel


As you can see, the 7 hour drive then becomes a full day road trip through several beautiful regions in Lebanon. Scuderia Lebanon has intentionally targeted areas of Lebanon that have rarely been seen to highlight the hidden beauty that each region holds.

When someone hears Ferrari, they expect speeding beautiful supercars. Well this event will include beautiful supercars, but speed is not what is encouraged. Scuderia Lebanon is not promoting speed through this drive, it is more of a road trip designed to combine the shared passion for the brand and the lifestyle it represents. Cars will be competing against each other, but not based on speed rather a regulated time allotment that has been prepared in coordination with ATCL for this drive exclusively.

Each car will be monitored through a GPS chip placed inside it in order to make sure they stick to the following rules:
– No car can exceed the speed limit as defined by the government. Excessive speeding is penalized.
– All cars must abide by a precise time specified to get from one checkpoint to another
– Each driver must check-in at every checkpoint or else they will be disqualified.

Moreover, and to make things even more exciting, I’m launching an exclusive competition with Scuderia Lebanon next week where people have to share pictures of the Panorama Lebanon branded cars. Details will be announced next week and the winner will be awarded a dream ride in a Ferrari 😀

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