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#Yalla3a2belkon (Single, Married, Divorced) Movie Review

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I was yesterday at the avant premiere of the latest Lebanese movie Yalla 3a 2belkoun and I personally thought the movie was good and a bit funny but it could have been much better. Yalla 3a 2belkoun (Single Married Divorced) is a Lebanese social comedy about four women in their late 30s who are pressured by society and their family to get married. Darine Hamze, Nada Abou Farhat, Marwa Khalil and Nibal Arakji play the four women and all of them are great choices in my opinion, specially Nada Abou Farhat who played her role of a confident and highly sexual woman to perfection and reminded me of Sex and The City’s Samantha Jones a bit. Mario Bassil is hilarious in the role he plays too.

The movie is meant to reflect the Lebanese society, specially women in their 30s who are struggling to get married or are happily single but are being pressured by their peers to tie the knot. There’s the highly sexual woman who’s afraid of commitment, the woman in love with a foreigner, the woman going out with a married man and the high-achieving doctor who’s always dating the wrong guys. I felt that there’s a lot of deja-vu in the first part of the movie and a lot of clichés that I didn’t want to see anymore, but the dramatic twist towards the middle was well-timed and the second part was far better as well as the end. Some of the clichés I am talking about is a woman driving around real fast in a cool car and people dancing awkwardly to disco music in a pub.

There’s one thing that I didn’t appreciate much and honestly couldn’t relate to, which is the way marriage and married couples in Lebanon are perceived. I know for a fact that there are a lot of divorces taking place but you get the impression that almost every married couple is unhappy in Lebanon which is not the case or at least not to my knowledge. If I look around me, most of the couples I know are happily married and I also know a lot of single men and women who are very satisfied with their life and having a blast. One thing I liked is the fact that they mentioned civil marriage in Lebanon and the need to legalize it.

All in all, I think Yalla 3a2belkon is a good movie that has a bit of everything and is worth watching and supporting. The movie will be out in Lebanese theaters on January 15.

Rating: 3.5/5

PS: Wou yalla 3a 2belkoun if you are single and wish to get married.

Yalla3a2belkon Avant Premiere Invitation

An Exclusive interview With Mia Khalifa And Almaza’s Take On It

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Mia khalifa

Beirut+TV interviewed Mia live from her house in Florida and revealed the reason why Mia chose this career.


Meanwhile, check out Almaza’s smart take on this matter:


Those are the only things worth sharing about this whole Mia story to be honest. I don’t really care about her so-called “achievement” as there’s nothing to be proud of nor do I care about what she’s doing. I’ve heard about her 3 months ago and didn’t feel the need to share what she’s doing as I don’t see any pride in it. I am totally indifferent to this whole matter and I am just sharing this video and picture because they are funny.

Fares Karam Offers Adel Karam A Gun On Hayda 7aki’s Show

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fares karamj

I was actually enjoying Fares Karam’s interview on Hayda 7aki yesterday until he pulled a fully loaded pistol, emptied it and handed it to Adel Karam as a gift. I know that Fares Karam loves guns and all but I think it’s a very bad idea to let him carry a gun (and a loaded one) during the show.

PS: Skip to Minute 36:59 if you wanna see it.

There’s Something Lebanese About The Sex Tape Movie That You Probably Missed!

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Sex Tape is a lame movie but there’s one tiny detail that most of us have probably missed and that one of the blog’s readers noticed and sent to me. Roni emailed me this screenshot above showing Rob Lowe in a small portrait picture with Lebanese flags behind him taken at Minute 48.05. I have no idea where he took that picture or why it’s in the movie but it’s hilarious!


I asked our movie expert Anis and he told me Lowe was with James Jurdi, who’s Lebanese, in Pocket Listing but otherwise he can’t figure out how this picture landed there. I tried googling a bit and found that Lowe was in Beirut back in 2011 and he loved it here, so I am assuming he visited some official and took this picture.



Thanks Rony!

The Interview Is Hilarious!

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PS: Spoiler Alert!

As you all probably know, The Interview was supposed to be released this Christmas but it got hacked and leading cinemas cancelled the screening of the movie. As a result, Sony decided to upload the movie online and it has officially become Sony’s most downloaded title of all time just few days after its release.

I downloaded the movie a couple of days ago and I must admit I loved every single bit of it! It’s smart, funny and a bit different from Seth Rogen’s previous movies. I loved the plot, the characters and the way the North Korean leader and the people are portrayed. I do understand North Korea’s anger though as their leader is mocked and killed at the end and I am honestly quite surprised the directors chose to call the North Korean dictator by his real name.

Nevertheless, I agree with President Obama (who was called a “reckless” and a “monkey” by North Korea) that Sony did a mistake by pulling the film after the cyber-attack and threats, but the good news is that everyone wants to watch the movie now.

Rating: 4/5

LBCI Surprises Lebanese Passengers With A WestJet “Christmas Miracle” Inspired Stunt

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I love the initiative and it’s a pretty cool Christmas stung from LBCI and 7kijelis but it’s not a new idea really as Westjet did almost the same thing last year with its real-time giving stunt. In all cases, if you ever get asked at the airport what you want for Christmas, make sure to ask for a million dollars in cash.


Hiba Tawaji Doesn’t Need To Go To The Voice

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Hiba is a very talented singer but I don’t know if it’s good idea to take part in the Voice, specially after what happened with Aline Lahoud and Anthony Touma. The judges are very random and she might lose out because of that, not because she’s not talented enough.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean that I am not excited about her participation and I will be encouraging her all the way till the end.


Cable Vision To Increase Distributor Fees By 70% Only In Achrafieh

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It doesn’t make sense that they only increase the prices in Achrafieh. Why Achrafieh and not all of Beirut? Something doesn’t add up in this story. Speaking of Cable Vision, I am paying a local distributor so far and didn’t get my own subscription, but I noticed that 90% of the channels are crap. I barely watch 7 channels out of the 86 I get and from what I was told, we need to pay extra now to watch the football games, which is the only thing I watch lately on TV.


Five Reasons Why SLCHI Is Funnier Than MafiMetlo

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Every now and then, I watch some of the old SLCHI episodes and they are always funny as hell. Sadly though, I don’t remember the last time I’ve laughed that much on a MafiMetlo episode even though the characters are all (almost) the same. Knowing that I still consider it the funniest Lebanese TV show, here are five reasons why SLCHI was funnier:

1- SLCHI had Fady Raidy. This guy is a genius and is irreplaceable. Fadi el Cherre2a, Pipo and every character he played were hilarious.
2- Abbas is funny but overdoes it most of the time. He’s very annoying when he keeps repeating the same thing for 3 minutes (specially Mr. Bakhil part).
3- Adel is still funny as hell despite what everyone is saying. The only problem is that the characters he is playing are stupid and very lame. Mafimetlo needs longer, wittier and smarter scripts. Also Wajdi wou Majdi needs to be dropped because it’s disrespectful and not appropriate anymore.
4- There’s so much material out there that Mafimetlo is failing to reproduce in a funny way for some reason. They should drop most of the weekly sections and reinvent new stuff every week. They should avoid reproducing old jokes that we all know and have seen a zillion times. Weirdly enough, their live shows are always hilarious so I am wondering if they are doing this on purpose on TV.
5- They need to hire new people and new characters. Moreover, they need to follow up on social media because that’s where all the action is happening and where they can find tons of jokes and funny stories.

Check this old [SLCHI gem] and laugh your heart out!

Lebanon Breaks A New World Record

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I think a lot of contractors from all around Lebanon would feel offended after watching this report as two years is a ridiculous record. They are way too incompetent to finish things in two years only! Take for example the “genius” Fiat bridge separator which was finally replaced by a height limiter. Of course the contractor was smart enough to build a crappy height limiter that got wrecked the next day.