Netflix Finally In Lebanon: Here’s How You Get It

I was few meters away from the Netflix keynote that was taking place at CES 2016 when they announced they are finally launching their service globally to over 130 new countries around the world. The expansion included the Middle East and Lebanon of course. The service actually went live during the keynote which is pretty cool! Since I'm not in Lebanon right now, I cannot check what's available but I've been told not all the…

Ghena Bou Hamdan: The Young Syrian Girl Singing For Syria’s Children Of War

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, famous Lebanese child singer Remi Bandali captured Arab hearts by singing "3touna el toufouli" and "Imani A7la Iman" to a war-torn Lebanon. Over 35 years later, Ghena Bou Hamdan did the same by bursting into tears while singing Bandali's “Give Us Our Childhood” song on the new MBC show "The Voice Kids". Ghena was carrying a message of peace and hope for her home country and singing…

LebaneseBlogs Awards & BlogBaladi Featured On MTV Prime Time News & LBC

9 months ago
The LebaneseBlogs stats and awards were featured yesterday on MTV & LBC. Jerry Ghazal who runs the Connected segment on MTV spoke around the awards for almost 2 minutes right after the News and summed ...

The Funniest Interview I’ve Seen This Year on Lebanese TVs

10 months ago
He actually compared himself to Britney Spears LOL! This is beyond hilarious. A prank call was being circulated between some guy called Elie Tawk and a security officer who was threatening him for insulting a ...

After 35 Years, You Will Finally Be Able To Watch (Not Just Listen) To Ziad Rahbani Plays!

10 months ago
How many of you have been listening to Ziad Rahbani plays for the past 20 years or more? How many times have you visualized the scenes in your head while listening to the plays? How ...

How Lebanese TV Reporters Covered The Burj Barajneh Bombings

11 months ago
Al-Manar TV Reporter Ali Rasslan decided to visit Haidar, a three-year boy who got injured in the Burj Barajneh blast and ask him about his dead parents. The reporter was clearly aware that Haidar was ...

Film Kteer Kbeer

11 months ago
I like the plot and the trailer looks interesting. It’s always a good start when the movie is not about the civil war so let’s see how this one turns out. Also, I think this ...
Movies & Television

Review: “Spectre” Is Fun But Slightly Disappointing

11 months ago
I enjoyed “Skyfall” and was looking forward to the latest installment “Spectre”. The trailer was very promising but the movie failed to impress. I don’t know if I had unreasonably high expectations for this installment ...
Gossip & Rumors

Netflix Might Be Launching In The Middle East Soon

11 months ago
According to IGN, Netflix has confirmed they will be launching in the Middle East soon. In an email to IGN ME, Netflix’s Joris Evers said, “We plan to complete our global expansion by the end ...

What Happens To The Victims Of Car Bombs In Lebanon?

1 year ago
Jennifer Chedid was seriously injured three years ago in Achrafieh after a car bomb targeted the head of the ISF information branch, Wissam el Hassan. Jennifer’s condition was very critical but she refused to die, ...