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Skybar Beirut Opening Tonight

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The grand opening was supposed to be last week but was delayed due to the bad weather. Instead it is taking place tonight and the party will go on till Sunday! Speaking of Sundays, Skybar is apparently organizing sunset parties where everyone can enjoy a laid-back evening starting 6pm.

I don’t have much information about this new concept but it sounds pretty cool.

Update: Gino got details on the new changes being introduced to SkyBar this summer, check them out [Here].


Pierre And Friends Among The 20 Bars To Drink In Before You Die

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IMG_0309 Picture via Siestke

It’s indeed a great place to drink in during the day and at night. Check out the full list [Here].

Going for an afternoon ‘dip’ at Pierre and Friends more often than not ends up in a crazy evening of cocktail drinking and shisha smoking. When the sun goes down jump off the big rock in front of the wooden bar into the seemingly shallow water. You’ll probably pull. Oh and closing time is whenever Pierre feels like closing.

Life in the Lebanese Capital

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Despite everything that’s happening, I don’t think we’re gonna have a war in Lebanon but I keep asking myself how the situation can get any worse from what it is now.

A good read by James Haines-Young.

The No 4 bus runs a short line through central Beirut. Its worn seats are almost always full. In the window is a new, crudely written sign, asking passengers to unzip their jackets before boarding. A suicide bomber recently hid explosives under his clothes and blew up a bus headed for the Hezbollah-controlled southern suburbs. The sign on the No 4 is one driver’s small safety precaution to try to stop his bus becoming a target.

On the surface, Beirut can appear a city at ease. The bars are full, the downtown cafes overflow with shisha smoke and lunching ladies – sometimes even just a few hours after a bomb rocks the city. To an outsider, this can make it seem as though the Lebanese downplay the risk, that they have an arms-length acceptance of a grisly reality.

But the fact is that it’s incredibly stressful to live in what amounts to one of the most unstable cities on Earth. Beirut is a place that has learned to live creatively with risk, as I’ve discovered since moving here a year or so ago. The bad news is the situation is just getting worse. [TheGuardian]

Beirut’s B018 Night Club Among the 25 Clubs You Need to Visit Before You Die

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Picture taken from DesignHome

Lebanon’s legendary club B018 has been located in Karantina since 1998 and still attracts crowds every weekend and on Thursdays mainly when the awesome 80’s night takes place. It was listed on InTheMix‘s top 25 clubs to visit before you die as everything is special about this place; the location, the architecture, the concept, the music, the people and the ambiance.

Here’s my [review] on the 80’s night.


BO18 is perhaps one of the most ambitious and conceptually unique venues worldwide. Located in Karantina (a semi-industrial zone in the northeast of Lebanon’s capital city Beirut), which was the home of a Palestinian refugee camp that housed up to 20,000 evacuees during the Lebanese Civil War, B018 started as a way to use music as a form of therapy to ease the stress of wartime life.

Changing locations over the years, the current home in Karantina was chosen in 1998, and the club was designed in such a way as to reflect its location, paying tribute to those lost in the war. Aside from being sunk into the ground like a communal grave (or more light-heartedly, a bomb shelter), the club also features tables shaped like coffins and war memorabilia all over the walls.

But it’s not all doom-and-gloom: a retractable roof allows for revellers to dance under the starry Beirut night sky, and carefully placed mirrors reflect the city’s lights onto the dancefloor. Add in a top-notch sound-system, a friendly, open-minded and liberal crowd, and high calibre guests such as Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela and Troy Pierce, and you have the fiercely unique BO18. As Danny Howells puts it, it’s “one of the absolute best clubs in the world”.


Beirut At Night

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I don’t know why this short movie brought back so many awesome memories of partying in Beirut. I remembered when I used to go to Rai, 37 degrees, Pacifico, Barracuda, Hole in the wall and other great places in Monot. I remembered when nightlife was booming in Beirut and Buddha Bar was the place to be. It also brought me back to Element at Sodeco and the amazing live concerts they used to project on a huge screen after midnight. I remembered how Gemmayze started with a couple of pubs and nights then became the hottest street in Beirut. Treesome, Barbu, Torino Express, Cactus, Myu, Kayan, Joe Peña’s, El Gardel and Alcazar are some of the pubs and nights where I spent countless hours drinking and dancing till dawn. I remember the nights at Kahwit el 2zez and how I used to park on Charles Malek’s avenue and walk all the way down (and then back up) the St Nicolas stairs. I also remembered the very late night stops at B018 and the endless snacks at Zaatar W Zeit, B2B back when it was still good (Picasso yum!) or McDonald’s for some little delicious plain cheese burgers, or some hotdogs outside Basement.

Many things have changed in Lebanon but Beirut’s nightlife is still the best.

Free Taxis on New Year’s Eve In Beirut

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The Lebanese Ministry of Interior and the Union of Owners of Private Taxis in Lebanon are launching an initiative to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. The owners of establishments that offer alcohol should prevent their customers from driving drunk and call center traffic management in Lebanon on 1720, who in return will send a taxi to the designated place. [Source]

Check out the [awareness campaign] the Ministry of Interior has launched recently.

O1NE Beirut Opening Postponed To December 25

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ShadowPP ONE AUH  7860
How O1NE Beirut will look like from the inside

O1NE Beirut won’t be opening on December 19th as announced earlier this week. The venue is ready but there were delays in delivering some equipment due to a supplier as I was told. The official opening date is December 25th.

I was able to take few exclusive pictures from inside the O1NE that I shared below. The interior will be very special and very similar to the O1NE in Abu Dhabi that Mark posted about previously.

The 3D video mapping covering the full 360 degrees of the interior will be something unseen before in Lebanese nightclubs so get ready for a whole new and exciting nightlife experience!

Both interiors of O1NE Beirut and Abu Dhabi are going to be very similar with the biggest difference being the fact that Lebanon won’t have private rooms with balconies overlooking the club (for now). The private rooms in Abu Dhabi can hold around 50 people each which basically means you can hold your own party inside the already larger party taking place (think Inception). The club had a long catwalk stretching from one side of the club to another surrounded by a lounge area on both sides and a bar at the very end. You also had raised areas around the hall similar to Skybar Beirut with plenty of tables and seating.