This is 7: What Did We Expect From The New iPhone?

With the lack of impressive new features in mobile phones, the battle of winning users today lies in advancing and optimizing existing features or even in the case of the iPhone 7 removing ones . People are now willing to switch brands because of one particular feature they desperately need or even are suffering from, such as the camera resolution or simply memory capacity. As much as I would have loved a completely new design…

5 Cool Things From Apple’s WWDC16

Apple announced a series of new features and updates across its 4 platforms: MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and TVOS. Here are the 5 things that I liked best: 1- Swift Playground Apple introduced Swift Playground, a free iPad app that teaches kids how to code. It is fun and intuitive using game like lessons to make learning code seem easy. 2- Calls, Messages and Emojis You can now receive voice and video calls from third party apps to…

Huawei Mate 8 Review: My First Experience with a Huawei Phone

5 months ago
Even though Huawei phones have been in the market for quite some time, I’ve never had the chance to use or review any of them. A month ago, I spotted the Messi commercial with the ...
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What Age Should You Get Your Kids Mobile Phones and How to Keep Them Safe?

6 months ago
I always said that I’ll never give my kids mobile phones before they become teenagers. I was even constantly bashing my friends for doing so, but all this changed when we got kids of our ...
s6 edge plus

Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Worth The Upgrade?

10 months ago
I’ve been carrying The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for almost 6 months now, and I still didn’t get bored of its unique design and curved side screens, but I missed having a bigger screen and ...

14-Year-Old Lebanese Wins Apple’s WWDC 2015 Scholarship

11 months ago
Jake al-Mir is only 14 years old and has developed two apps already – Picture from the DailyStar Jake al-Mir is a remarkable 14-year old Lebanese high school student that taught himself how to code ...

First Hands-On Look At The Samsung #GalaxyS6 And #GalaxyS6Edge

1 year ago
Yesterday was the first time I attend a Samsung #Unpacked event and I personally enjoyed it. The event took place at the Centre de Convencions Internacional in Barcelona and it felt really good to take ...
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Samsung or iPhone? Which Is Better?

1 year ago
What do you think I should get? A Samsung or an iPhone? What about the LG did you try it? is the HTC any good? All these are questions I get asked most of the ...

Epic Fail: Who Wants an Iphone5 6?

2 years ago
I don’t know in which country this was taken exactly but it’s hilarious! ...

First Look: The New Apple iPhone 6

2 years ago
I got to try out the new iPhone 6 last week and I am really glad that Apple decided to go for bigger screens. The iPhone 6 looks huge when compared to the iPhone 5 ...