pokemon go

Pokémon Go launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand last week and will be launching in Europe in Europe and Asia ‘within a few days’. Android users in countries where the app wasn’t released yet have already figured out a way around to download the APK but it’s a bit trickier for iPhone users.

A lot of Lebanese are already using the app and there’s a scheduled meetup for Pokemon Go players in Lebanon in Beirut Souks that will be followed by a 10K walk with plenty of “pokéstops” on the way lol!

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What is Pokémon Go?

For those of you who are still wondering why people are going crazy over that game, Pokémon Go is a mobile game that uses your phone’s location services and camera so that you can catch Pokémon in real life. The game uses augmented reality to make it look like whatever Pokémon you’ve stumbled across is indeed standing right there in front of you. This means that if you are walking around the streets of Achrafieh, your avatar is moving inside the game and you need to physically walk to a specific location to catch Pokémon.

What’s good about this app is that it is quickly becoming the best exercise app out there. However, a lot of incidents were reported so far, including a girl finding a dead body, people using the game to rob others, a lot of injuries, privacy issues and the fact that some people’s houses are pokespots.

We are still safe here in Lebanon but not for long. Pokémon GO Mania is coming soon!

Here’s a video that shows you how it works: