After Birdy Nam Nam in 2011 and Run For Peace in 2012, Lebanon’s GameCooks just released a new puzzle/adventure packed game called “Escape From Paradise”.

I downloaded it few days ago and have been playing it almost daily. It’s a really fun and challenging game and there are always new obstacles to discover. The graphics are also pretty impressive and the game is very quick to load and browse. The only thing I didn’t appreciate is that it asks you if you want to skip levels every time you die two times in a row.

Escape from Paradise is made up of 5 themed worlds each consisting of 30 levels. I am almost done with Le Dezex world and about to unlock the third world.

Here are few useful links to download and try out the game:

Escape From Paradise

Lite version: 1 world – 30 levels

Full version: 5 worlds – 150 levels and access to premium character skins

Escape From Paradise